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This event has ended in 2019.

Let's take a look at Halloween
at Suzuka Circuit

The theme of the costume will change depending on the month.

Check the date of your visit and prepare for it!

If you wear a costume, you may be able to participate in a special Kochira Family show or have a special gift in the park.

Date September 7th (Sat.)~December 31st (Tue.)
and October
Kochira 40 th “Halloween Kids"
Friends wearing 2 or more items (hats & cloaks) (example) pumpkins, ghosts, wizards, etc.
〜 December
Kochira 40 th “Kochira Kids”
Friends wearing one or more items such as hats, clothes, shoes, etc. with the letter "40" celebrating the 40 th birthday of Kochira
Visit Suzuka Circuit as a Kochira Kid
Benefit When children below elementary school age visit the park as “Halloween Kids” and “Kochira Kids” mentioned above, admission to Suzuka Circuit for up to five people including the child is free of charge.

Detailed information will be released later!!

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