Circuit Cruises Circuit Cruises Circuit Cruises

Circuit Cruises

Drive on the Racing Course
with your beloved car!

F1 Japanese Grand Prix and other big races are held at the full course of Suzuka Circuit Racing Course, where you can drive your beloved car in a special event!

5 / 3(Fri, Holiday)4(Sat, Holiday)5(Sun, Holiday)

Suzuka Circuit Racing Course (Full Course)

※Not high-speed driving. (Maximum speed 75km/h) ※It will be two full laps with a lead car.

  • License - No special equipment required!!

  • Presentation of commemorative goods during the race!! Presentation of car photos during the race!!2024 Golden Week
    commemorative design

    ※1 point per participating vehicle.

We will take the perfect photo for introducing your beloved car!!

Photo Shooting During Driving Photo shooting while driving!!
Fees 2nd and later 1,600yen/1 piece

※The price for the first sheet is included in the participation fee.

Reception Paddock SMSC Office Lobby

*Photos will be taken while riding. *It will take about 10 minutes for the photos to be finished. *The image is for illustration purposes only. *Please note that the event may be cancelled without prior notice due to weather conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

Purchase Photo Data Download Service
You can also enjoy the purchased photos in data format.

*Please scan the QR code printed with the photo and enter the password. *The photo data download has an expiration date.

Photo Sales · Online Data Sales
Photos will be sold on site and data will be sold online.

Event Overview

Date and Time May 3 (Fri, Holiday) · 4 (Sat, Holiday) · 5 (Sun, Holiday)

Registration Slots (First Come, First Served)

2 wheels・4 wheels 80 units / each round

*2-wheel vehicles are limited to 126cc or more. *Sales will end as soon as the limited number is reached. *Each time, a maximum of 10 2-wheel vehicles are allowed to run.

Participation Fee

4 wheels Driving

※Includes 1 photo

7,000yen / 1 vehicle
2 wheels

*Cancellation after payment is not possible. *Parking in the paddock is not allowed after the Circuit Cruises. *After the disbandment, customers using Suzuka Circuit Park, please pay the parking fee and admission fee separately from Suzuka Circuit Park and enter from the main gate. Also, for customers with Asobi View! tickets, please enter from Suzuka Circuit Park. Please note that you cannot enter from the paddock. *You can ride up to the capacity of the participating vehicle. If you participate by motorcycle, tandem riding is possible. *Re-entry by car is not allowed after exiting. *Pets are not allowed to participate. *One photo of the car during the race is included in the fee.

Schedule for the day

On the day, there may be changes to the content of this event without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.


Motorsports Gate Open

On the day, we do not allow entry before the gate opening time.
Also, please refrain from waiting in front of the gate until the gate opening time as it is very dangerous.
  1. Until 8:50
  2. Until 9:40
  3. Until 10:30

Meeting and Reception

  • If you are unable to complete the reception within the designated time, it will be considered as a cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please fill out the driving pledge form in advance.
  • Please note that this will be a photo time on the course until the pre-race meeting. Please use the restroom before the start of the pre-race meeting.
Click here for meeting place details Click here for the driving pledge form (PDF/580KB)
  1. 9:00
  2. 9:50
  3. 10:40

Pre-race meeting on the course ※Participation required

A meeting will be held via radio and in-venue announcements.
Please tune your radio to 86.0MHz.
  1. 9:05
  2. 9:55
  3. 10:45

Suzuka Circuit Racing Course(Full Course)2 laps

  • The lead car will be a marshal car.*Not a high-speed run.
  • The running order for each session will be determined based on the parking position upon arrival at the venue.
  • Please refrain from taking photos or videos with a camera held by the driver during the Circuit Cruise.
  • 2-wheeled vehicles will be the last to run for safety reasons.
  1. 9:35
  2. 10:25
  3. 11:15

End of Session

There will be no commemorative photo shoot on the main straight after the race. Photos taken during the race will be available for purchase at the SMSC office.
After the end of the event, customers using Suzuka Circuit Park are requested to pay separate parking and admission fees at the Main Gate before entering from the Suzuka Circuit Park side.
  • After the Circuit Cruise, we will meet in front of the SMSC office for photo distribution and then disband.

Items to present or submit on the day of reception

  1. Driver's License
  2. Driving Pledge
    Driving Pledge (PDF/580KB) is here
  3. Printed order screen (Can also be presented on screen if order number is identifiable)


  • Must have a valid driver's license and be able to operate a car (4 wheels) and motorcycle (2 wheels) on public roads in Japan.
  • Please make sure to get enough rest and sleep the day before and be in good physical and mental health.
  • That the number of passengers does not exceed the approved capacity for that vehicle.
  • Vehicles must be able to run on public roads without any violations or maintenance issues.
  • Gender, age, nationality, etc. are not required, but it is necessary to understand Japanese and be able to understand the pre-race meeting, or to be accompanied by an interpreter.
  • If you are participating by bike, please be sure to wear a helmet, gloves, long sleeves, and long pants. Please note that participation in sandals or crocs is not allowed.
  • Please accurately fill out and submit the driving pledge.
  • Attend the pre-race meeting and follow the precautions and instructions of the staff.
    If you do not follow the precautions and the management determines that your driving is significantly causing inconvenience to other customers,
    we may refuse your participation in future events.

Please note that participation with the following vehicles is not allowed.

  • Large vehicles such as buses and trucks.
  • Vehicles that have been deemed to significantly violate public order and morals by the staff.
  • Vehicles with noticeable oil leaks or extreme tire wear.
  • Vehicles that emit extremely loud exhaust sounds.
  • Vehicles with excessive advertising and commercial filming purposes.
  • Vehicles with a displacement of 125cc or less.

Application Method

"Available for purchase at "Asobiew!"

Application Period /
April 4th (Thu) 10:00 Start of Reception

*Registration will end as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.
4-wheel application is hereGo to the reservation site "Asobiew!" 2-wheel application is hereGo to the reservation site "Asobiew!"

Cancellation and Refund

Please note that no changes to the schedule, participation time, number of participants, or refunds will be made after application.
However, in the event that the organizer, Suzuka Circuit, determines that the event must be cancelled due to safety reasons such as frozen road surfaces, it will be treated as a cancellation.
Please note that in the event of cancellation, we cannot guarantee transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, or other expenses to Suzuka Circuit. Thank you for your understanding.

*Pre-registration is only available on the internet, so on-the-day registration is not available. *Drivers, please apply from the person themselves. *No refunds will be given for cancellations after application, regardless of the reason.

Credit cards only.

Meeting Place Information

  • Meeting Place Information

    1.First, enter from the Motorsports Gate.

    ※Please present the purchase completion email or printed copy to the gate management staff at the time of entry. 予めご了承ください。

  • Meeting Place Information

    2.Pass through the tunnel under Suzuka Circuit Racing Course.

  • Meeting Place Information

    3.On the left is a gas station, and on the right in the back you can see the SMSC office. Go up the hill in the center.

  • Meeting Place Information

    4.When you go up the hill, you will see the center house on your right. We will confirm your participation time here.
    Please follow the staff's instructions.

    ※9:50, 10:40 customers who start driving will line up behind the pits.

  • Meeting Place Information

    5.As you continue, you will see the pit building. Head towards the left end of the pit building.

  • Meeting Place Information

    6.Reception will be held here.

*The content may be subject to change or cancellation due to weather or other reasons. *The photos and illustrations used are for illustration purposes only.