2. 3-Year-Old Birthday Debut Invitation

3-year-old Birthday and
Debut Invitation

3/1 (Fri)

3 months from 1st birthday
<Park Passport>
Free for the birthday person

Half price for up to 4 accompanying family members

*Except for race days and specific days. *Until the same day of the following month. If the same day does not exist in the following month, the next day. *Available only for residents of Japan.

At Suzuka Circuit Park, when you turn 3 years old,
there will be more vehicles that you can operate by yourself,
and you will even be able to drive by yourself.
Make that 3rd birthday a special "debut" memory.

Prior application and presentation of identification (original) is required for use.

Application Process

Suzuka Circuit Park News
(E-mail Magazine)Registration

  1. Please register your email address and your child's birthday on the "Suzuka Circuit Park News" application page.
  2. An authentication code will be sent to the email address you registered. Please return to the application page and enter the authentication code.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email for subscribing to "Suzuka Circuit Park News" at the registered email address.
    Please move to "Asobiew!" from the link to the 3-year-old birthday debut invitation ticket issuance page "Asobiew!" in the email.
    • For those who have already subscribed to "Suzuka Circuit Park News", we will send a link email around the 25th of the month before your registered child's 3rd birthday month.

* Membership registration for "Asobiew!" is required. * Please set to receive emails from "@service.compote.jp".


"Ticket Issuance Procedure" at "Asobiew!"

"Asobiew!" 3-year-old birthday debut invitation ticket issuance page

  1. Select your desired date and time of visit
  2. Select number of companions

Please issue your ticket (QR code) beforehand.

  • Companions can purchase a Park Passport at half price.
  • The purchase price will be prepaid.
Usage Period (Example)
If born on April 1st: April 1st to May 1st If born on January 31st: January 31st to March 1st


Main Gate

On the day of your visit, please present the original identification document (insurance card, mother and child handbook, My Number card, or resident certificate) that confirms your child's 3rd birthday and the "Asobiew!" admission QR code to the staff at the Suzuka Circuit entrance gate and enter the park.


If you are unable to access the ticket issuance page due to deleting the email, please try re-registering using the following steps.

<Re-registration procedure>

  1. Please withdraw from the following withdrawal form in advance.
    Withdrawal form is here
  2. After withdrawal, please re-register from the following registration form.
    Registration form is here
  3. Please register from the "Asobiew!" 3-year-old birthday debut invitation ticket issuance page link in the completion email.

※If you do not receive an email when registering, please check the following.
(1) Check if it is not in the spam folder
(2) Is the setting to receive emails from "@service.compote.jp" enabled?