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Motorsports Plans for Group Organizations

Group PlansPlans for Motorsports Park Groups

Day Trip Plan

Please gather in groups of 15 or more, such as children's associations, sports youth groups, and corporate social gatherings. Thank you for your understanding.

Race Viewing

FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX, Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race, SUPER GT series, Super Formula and many other races are held, providing excitement and inspiration to many of our visitors.

Race Viewing

Spectators can enjoy the thrilling race from various stands such as V1, as well as the spacious Hospitality LOUNGE on the second floor of the Pit Building and the open Hospitality TERRACE on the third floor.
You can also enjoy a magnificent view of the course from the top row of the Grandstand VIP suites, and have a graceful time.

  • Hospitality LOUNGE Hospitality LOUNGE
  • Hospitality TERRACE Hospitality TERRACE
Race Ticket

※Please check the above ticket information for race ticket prices and release dates.
Please contact our group reservation department by phone if you are considering purchasing souvenirs, promotional tools, or incentives in advance.

Group Event

Suzuka Circuit Racing Course, Suzuka Circuit Park, and the campsite, all within the area, are the stages for special events.
The scale and extraordinary dynamism of Suzuka Circuit will invigorate communication among members of companies and organizations,
leading to a sense of unity and improved motivation within the group.
Please take advantage of our anniversary events, incentives, and benefits.

Commemorative Event

We have prepared a venue and facilities suitable for a memorable day.

Anniversary and Commemorative Events

Ceremony (Welcoming guests)

At the ceremony, the company history is projected on the screen. In the venue, you can also display historical artifacts and other items, and in the Hospitality LOUNGE, it is also possible to deliver messages from representatives through monitors in each room.

  • SAKURA HALL Example

    SAKURA HALL Example

  • Hospitality LOUNGE example

    Hospitality LOUNGE example


Please spend a memorable day with your guests at the banquet hall, where VIPs from around the world will also be welcomed. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Hospitality LOUNGE example

    Hospitality LOUNGE example

  • Hospitality LOUNGE example

    Hospitality LOUNGE example

※We also accept requests and suggestions for menus and options according to your needs and budget, as well as live performances to enhance the atmosphere.

Ceremony Options

Create a human character at Suzuka Circuit Racing Course and the commemorative mood will be at its peak!!

  • GP Racers
  • Adven Boat Frontier

After the ceremony, please enjoy the Family Day at Suzuka Circuit Park to deepen the exchange between employees and their families.

  • Pit Building Tour
  • Pit Building Tour

Combine options such as pit building tours and bus rides to fully enjoy SUZUKA CIRCUIT.

Ekiden Tournament ·
Various Racing Course Events

At Suzuka Circuit Racing Course, we host and plan numerous events for our customers.
Endurance races for ekiden competitions, bicycles, and mama-chari races, as well as car parade runs and owner's meetings, the possibilities are endless with plans utilizing Suzuka Circuit Racing Course.

【Ekiden Tournament Schedule (Example)
  1. 10:00


  2. 10:30

    Opening Ceremony

  3. 11:00

    Ekiden Tournament Start

  4. 12:25

    Jogging Competition Start

  5. 12:55

    Award Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

    After the end, disbandment
    Those who wish can use Suzuka Circuit Park

Ekiden Tournament
  • Ekiden Tournament
  • Course Event


In the hotel area, you can hold a meet-up with your beloved car at the family camp, the southern course, and some paddocks within the racing course.
Please gather with cars and motorcycles of the same manufacturer and model, and enjoy a fun time of interaction.
In addition, you can also enjoy parties after the off-meeting and experiences of leading driving on Suzuka Circuit Racing Course.

【Schedule for Meetup (Example)
  1. 6:00〜9:00

    Vehicle Entry

  2. 9:00

    Event Start

  4. 15:00

    Event Ended


Ekiden Tournament
  • Meetup
  • Meetup

Suzuka Circuit holds various group events and events throughout the year, and has accumulated operational know-how.
Flexible program options tailored to your needs are also available, a unique feature of Suzuka Circuit that has led to the success of numerous events.
Experienced staff will support you. Please feel free to consult with us.

※Events that violate laws and public order and morals are not allowed. Thank you for your understanding.

Various Option Plans

Experience programs unique to Suzuka Circuit are available.
You can choose according to your purpose.



Circuit Challenger

Experience driving on the Suzuka Circuit Racing Course with your own driving The only attraction where you can drive on the Suzuka Circuit Racing Course (East Course), which is the stage for F1 and Suzuka 8 Hours, with an EV machine is the "Circuit Challenger". Please experience the attraction where you can challenge various missions with the theme of "future racing car development".
Circuit Challenger's operating hours vary depending on the day.

※For day trip groups, an additional admission fee to Suzuka Circuit Park is required.

Click here for details on Circuit Challenger
Circuit Challenger

Racing Course
Bus Ride

Racing Course Bus Tour

Unique Experience Plans at Suzuka Circuit From F1 to various races, Suzuka Circuit Racing Course has hosted many memorable moments and scenes. Take a bus tour around the 5.8km course.
The circuit course seen on TV is full of surprises when actually driving, with narrow track widths and noticeable elevation changes.

Reservation Reservation Required

※It may not be available depending on the course conditions.

Course SUZUKA CIRCUIT Suzuka Circuit Racing Course (Full Course 5.8km) 1 lap
Target Groups arriving by bus (15 or more people)
Duration About 30 minutes

※Suzuka Circuit Racing Course (Full Course Length 5.8km) 1 lap

※Day trip groups will be charged an additional admission fee.

About Fees (PDF/557KB)

Racing Course Bus Tour

Pit Building Tour

Pit Building Tour Control Tower (Control Room) Course Example

Experience the Race Scene You can visit places that are normally not accessible, such as the control tower, media center, and podium.

Reservation Reservation Required

※It may not be available depending on the event.

Target 15 to 30 people
Duration About 30 minutes
Other Can be held twice a day

※Day trip groups will be charged an additional admission fee.

About Fees (PDF/557KB)

Pit Building Tour Control Tower (Control Room) Course Example


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