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Ride on the car

From April 1st, 2023 (Saturday), the reservation system will be changed to a lottery system.
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Make your car life more fun!

Participate in all courses even if it's your first time!

From October 1st, 2020 (Thursday), even first-time participants can try all courses.
Let's participate according to your own skills and goals.
Please refer to the course introduction for curriculum details.

Introducing a driving course at each course!
Set clear goals and challenges!!

What is a Driving Carte...

Goals and challenges related to driving will be filled in by the customer themselves and used as a reference for advice from the instructor for the next time.
The completed form will be kept at the Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center.


    • Student Discount & U(nder)25 Discount & E(njoy)60 Discount
    • SUZUKA NSX Meeting
    • S2000 Driving Meeting
    • SUZUKA Sports Driving Lesson
    • Honda Sports Driving Program[MEETING]
    • Honda Health Drive School
Honda Sports Driving Program[MEETING]

Introduction of Experience ProgramPROGRAM

Introducing the school's program through videos.

    • 4-wheel course slalom

      4-wheel course slalom

    • Skid Run

      Skid Run

Course IntroductionCOURSE

From those who have just obtained their license or are inexperienced drivers, to those who want to enjoy or master driving, we have various courses available.

*Contents are subject to change without notice. *The photos and illustrations used are for illustration purposes only.