Let's all ride and have more fun with motorcycles!

FUN&RUN! 2-Wheels is...

"FUN&RUN! 2-Wheels" started in 1999 with the concept of "Let's all ride and have more fun on motorcycles!" It is also known as "Fan Run". Based on this concept, the classes held at "Fan Run" include a variety of bikes from mini bikes to big bikes, and the single and twin races have become a staple in participatory races. It is a race where you can enjoy various types of bikes.
Participating vehicles include many super sports models that reflect the current popularity of commercial vehicles, but you can also enjoy old cars and proud custom cars.


2024 Schedule

March 16 (Sat) East Course
August 3rd (Sat) Full Course
November 23 (Sat, Holiday) Full Course


Race Schedule

Event Class

Race Format
Time Attack Format

Vehicle Description

NEO STANDARD [Race Format]
A new form of motorcycle race that started in 2010. Even 12-year-olds without a driver's license can participate as long as they have a license. Unlike the previous sprint races, up to two riders can participate in each race, and rider changes are also possible during the season, making it an entry-level class that anyone can participate in. The participating classes are divided into four classes: Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Yamaha YZF-R25, and BMW G310R, and entry is with cost-effective commercial vehicles. You can share one motorcycle with friends or colleagues, form a team with parents and children or lovers, and enjoy the season with various companions.
FUN&RUN Mix Big+OPEN Racer [Race Format]
The class that competes with machines with an engine displacement of ① "4-stroke engine 751cc or more (regardless of the number of cylinders)" ② "4-stroke engine 401cc or more and 750cc or less, or 2-stroke engine 251cc or more" is FUN&RUN Mix Big. Representative participating vehicles include the Ducati 999, Aprilia RSV1000R, Honda VTR1000SP, as well as big naked bikes such as the CB1300SF, ZRX1200, XJR1300, and GSF1200.
In addition, the race also features machines from the 1980s such as the GPZ900R, GSX1100S Katana, and FZ750, which have a super bike atmosphere.
The Open Racer class features specialized competition vehicles and commercially available cars with 4-stroke engines of 401cc or more, 2-stroke engines of 251cc or more, and wheels of 16cm or more. This class offers the most high-speed battles in the FUN&RUN event.
FUN&RUN Mix Small [Race Format]
The class that competes with machines with an engine displacement of "400cc or less for 4-stroke engines" or "250cc or less for 2-stroke engines" is FUN&RUN MixSmall. It is a class that includes popular racer replicas and has a wide variety of options such as single-cylinder, twin-cylinder, and four-cylinder engines.
Participating machines include NSR250R, TZR250, ZXR400, YamahaSRX400/600, and Suzuki Goose 250/350 in the SUZUKA 10H race.
ROAD STAR WARS I / II [Race Format]
The Roadster, which was a time attack format competition, received many requests from entrants to hold the event in a race format. As a result, the "Roadster Wars" was created as a race format. The participants are required to use a general public road car with the same number as the Roadster, and the top positions are dominated by the latest super sports models. However, there are also many participants with big naked bikes or old cars, making it an attractive class where you can enjoy racing with your favorite bike.
ROAD STAR EXPERT I / II [Time Attack Format]
Although it is a popular class that gathers a large number of entries each time, the level of participating riders and the performance of their bikes vary. Therefore, the "Roadster Expert" class was created to allow skilled riders to perform time attacks in a special class. Only riders who have updated the standard time in past fan runs are eligible to run in this class, making it a status for riders to be promoted to this class.
ROAD STAR I / II [Time Attack Format]
The ROAD STAR is considered the banner class of the fan run. The participating bikes are street-legal motorcycles with license plates, and the unique feature is that you can ride on the circuit with the same bike you use for everyday city riding. The competition adopts a time attack format, where participants compete for rankings based on the fastest lap recorded within a certain time frame. There are 7 categories that are further classified based on engine type and displacement, and awards are given based on rankings in each category.
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