Honda Eco Mileage Challenge
Honda Eco Mileage Challenge Suzuka Tournament

How far can you drive with 1 liter of gasoline?
Competition of ideas and technology challenging the limits!

Honda Eco Mileage Challenge is a training ground for competing with innovative ideas and technologies, challenging the infinite possibilities of how far you can travel with 1 liter of gasoline, based on Honda 4-stroke engines.

◆Event Name
Honda Eco Mileage Challenge 2024 37th Suzuka Tournament
>>Honda Eco Mileage Challenge Official Website is here
◆Date of Event
June 8, 2024 (Saturday)
Suzuka Circuit East Course
Honda Mobilityland Corporation
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Max Brain Co., Ltd.
◆Competition Details
This competition will be held in accordance with the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge National Tournament Regulations, and participants will use competition vehicles produced in accordance with these rules to run the designated course within the specified time and measure their fuel efficiency.
The ranking will be determined from the team with the lowest fuel consumption.
[Period] April 8th (Mon) 10:00 ~ May 12th (Sun)
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◆Information for Participants
Participant Information Download Page
[Period] April 1st (Mon) 10:00 ~
(Rules, Official Notices, Submission Documents, Various Information)
◆Official Results
>>Suzuka Grand Prix Results (External Site)
◆New Category
The category for carbon neutral fuel will begin. Please see the page below for more details.
>>Click here for more information on carbon neutral fuel (external site)
◆CN Fuel
Free Distribution
If you would like to try carbon neutral fuel in advance, it is available at Suzuka Circuit.
Please register at the following address if you wish.
Application Period: March 1st (Fri) 10:00 - April 13th (Sat) 12:00
>>Carbon Neutral Fuel Trial Application
◆Group Category
Group I (Junior High School Class)
CN Group I (Junior High School Class)

Group II (High School Class)
CN Group II (High School Class)

Group III (University, Junior College, Technical College, Vocational School Students Class)
CN Group III (University, Junior College, Technical College, Vocational School Students Class)

Group IV (General Class)
CN Group IV (General Class)

New Challenge Class
CN New Challenge Class

2-seater class
CN 2-seater class

Motorcycle Class
CN Motorcycle Class
◆Contact Us
Honda Eco Mileage Challenge Suzuka Tournament Office
Suzuka Circuit Motorsports Division
7992 Inoue-cho, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture 510-0295
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