Information on Evacuation Procedures in the Event of an Earthquake at Suzuka Circuit

Emergency Earthquake Alert at Suzuka Circuit

  1. Suzuka Circuit will receive emergency earthquake warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency in the event of a major earthquake, and will inform customers of estimated seismic intensity and lead time before strong shaking occurs. Please be aware that in some cases, attractions, races, and events may be suspended. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Please follow the announcements from Suzuka Circuit and the instructions of the staff, as the earthquake alerts that will be sent to your mobile phone may differ from those issued at Suzuka Circuit depending on your device and network conditions.

Request during earthquake and evacuation

  1. Please protect yourself until the shaking subsides.
  2. Please follow the staff's guidance and instructions once the shaking has subsided.
  3. Please evacuate to a safe area without rushing or panicking when leaving the viewing seats or indoor facilities.

In case of an emergency earthquake warning

  1. In case of an emergency earthquake warning, we will immediately inform you through announcements and staff members. Please ensure your safety as quickly as possible.
  2. If there is strong shaking, please move away from objects that may fall, such as glass or lighting fixtures, and ensure your safety.

When leaving the viewing area

  1. After confirming the safety of the facility, please calmly exit from the nearest exit near the seating area.
  2. Please be sure to hold hands with your child and stay close to your companion when leaving.
  3. When leaving, please assist in evacuating any customers with children or injuries around you.

About On-site Safety Management

  1. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety within Suzuka Circuit, but please be aware that unexpected damages may occur due to natural disasters such as earthquakes. Please check the surrounding conditions and proceed with caution.
  2. Race viewing seats (V seats, B seats, Q seats) and all viewing seats are built with seismic structures based on the Building Standards Act seismic standards.
    Please follow the instructions and guidance of the staff calmly. 予めご了承ください。