SMSC Membership Information


What is SMSC?

SMSC (Suzuka Motorsports Club) is a membership system for running on each course of Suzuka Circuit, abbreviated as "SUZUKA MOTOR SPORTS CLUB".
From those who aim to participate in full-fledged races to those who enjoy sports driving as a hobby, we have prepared various programs and membership categories so that many people can participate.

Facilities and Services provided by SMSC

At SMSC, we not only provide a place for you to drive, but also operate various facilities and services to support our members.
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Racing Course
May 2024 [Revised Version 1]
(PDF: 863KB)
*Updated on 3/26
June 2024 [Revised Version 1]
(PDF: 900KB)
*Updated on 5/20
July 2024
(PDF: 893KB)
※Updated on 5/24
South Course
May 2024
(PDF: 1,102KB)
*Updated on 3/29
June 2024
(PDF: 1,095KB)
*Updated on 5/1

Contact Us

〒510-0295 7992 Inouemachi, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Suzuka Circuit
SMSC OfficeTel. 059-378-3405
Reception Hours 10:00-16:00

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