Riders aiming for the world and riders gathering to enjoy the race!

Suzuka Sunday Road Race is...

Riders participating in the Suzuka Sunday Road Race are riders who hold a Freshman License issued by MFJ to an international license. They polish their skills and compete in this Suzuka Sunday Road Race, aiming to advance to the top domestic All Japan Road Race. The Suzuka Sunday Road Race is a gateway to the All Japan Road Race Championship and even to the world for riders.


2024 Schedule

April 20 (Sat) - 21 (Sun) Full Course
May 18 (Sat) - 19 (Sun) Full Course
September 14 (Sat) - 15 (Sun) Full Course
November 16 (Sat) - 17 (Sun) Full Course


Event Class

・Inter JSB1000
・Inter ST1000 / National ST1000
・Inter ST600 / National ST600
・Inter J-GP3 / National J-GP3
・Inter JP250 / National JP250
・CBR250R Dream Cup
・CBR250RR Dream Cup

Vehicle Description

CBR250R Dream Cup Expert Class/CBR250RR Dream Cup
Category where Honda CBR250R/CBR250RR compete in a one-make race.
It is a popular class with many riders entering, from young riders aiming to step up to veteran riders who continue to enjoy racing.
The HRC Grand Championship, which is only contested by top-ranked players from various regions, will also be held at the final round of the NGK Cup, creating a great excitement.
A class that evolved from the previous ST250 class. It is competed with commercially available cars as the base machine.
From 2017, the 4-hour endurance race in this JP250 has started. Despite being a lightweight class, this authentic endurance race is the entrance to the Suzuka endurance race, which continues to the Suzuka 4 Hours ST600 and Suzuka 8 Hours, and is a class to watch out for in the future.
From the All Japan Road Race Championship to the Suzuka Sunday Road Race, it is a popular class as a small displacement class.
"Race-specific vehicles" are used. The compact-sized vehicles are supported by a wide range of riders, from veteran riders to teenagers.
A race that requires high skill unique to small displacement classes, while maintaining high cornering speed and turning quickly.
While J-GP3 races are fought with race-specific cars, this ST600 is based on commercially available vehicles for public roads. The main players are the four domestic manufacturers who are introducing new vehicles at a fast pace.
A high-level class that serves as a stepping stone to All Japan. "ST" is an abbreviation for "STOCK", which represents the shipping status, and its characteristic is that the modification range is strictly limited.
The current Suzuka 4 Hours endurance road race is being contested in this ST600.
ST1000 class, which will be newly held from 2020.
Held with the aim of producing the next JSB1000 and riders aiming for the world, a high-level competition is expected.
The vehicles are based on general public road vehicles, just like the ST600 class, and the modification range is limited with the aim of low cost and equal conditions.
In addition, due to its versatility with other championships, it is possible to participate in the Suzuka 8 Hours SST class and the Asia Championship by modifying the specifications based on the ST1000 vehicle.
The JSB1000, the top class of the All Japan Road Race Championship, is also held at the Suzuka Sunday Road Race.
The machines are mainly 4-stroke 4-cylinder 1000cc super sports models sold by 5 domestic and foreign manufacturers, with Honda's CBR1000RR, YAMAHA's YZF-R1, SUZUKI's GSX-R1000, Kawasaki's ZX-10RR, and BMW's S1000RR. Not only top speed, but also the required riding technique is at the highest level in the Suzuka Sunday Road Race class.
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