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Lost and Found Inquiries

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If you have lost or misplaced any items, please register them using the "Lost and Found Registration Form" below.

Precautions for registering lost items

  • Please register with the form if you have lost your own.
    ※If it is difficult for the individual to register due to reasons such as being a minor or having a disability, please have a guardian register.
  • We will only contact you by email or phone if your lost item is found.
    If we cannot be reached, please understand that we will not contact you.
    If you have selected "shipping by cash on delivery" as the return method for lost items, we may send them without contacting you.
  • Search for lost items whose storage period based on the Lost Property Act has passed may not be possible to respond to.
  • We will handle items that cannot be identified or are difficult to store for hygiene reasons based on the Lost Property Act.
  • After submitting the form, an automatic reply email will be sent.
    Please set up to receive emails from the domain "".