Join us easily from small displacement cars at Suzuka Circuit South Course!
First, test your skills in the "South" area!

Moto-Challenge Meeting!! What is it...

"Moto-challenge!!" was born with the aim of creating a race that anyone from beginners to veterans can easily and enjoyably participate in on the stage of the South Course. It is a new category where mini bikes and 250cc machines are divided into classes and compete in skills. The popular CBR250R Dream Cup Beginner Class is also held. In addition, there is a time attack event divided into seven categories, from mini bikes to large displacement vehicles, which can be participated in even without an MFJ license!


2024 Schedule

May 5th (Sun, Holiday)
August 18 (Sunday)
October 20 (Sunday)
South Course


Race Schedule

Class Description

[Moto] Class
Sprint race for commercially available vehicles with engine types and displacements classified into Moto R and Moto R Mini for vehicles under 250cc.
CBR250R Dream Cup Beginner Class
The popular CBR250R Dream Cup beginner class at the Sunday Road Race will be held on the South Course. The machines are Honda CBR250R (vehicles approved by the organizers since 2010) and sports-based vehicles. In 2023, the integration of the beginner and expert classes was announced by HRC, but Moto-challenge!! will continue to hold the "CBR250R Dream Cup Beginner Class".
Time attack format event. It is held in four classes divided by engine type, displacement, and number of cylinders.
HRC GROM CUP Advance Class/Rookie Class
The GROM CUP, which was held in the Mini-Moto 4 Endurance until 2023, will now be a sprint race and will be held on the South Course.

About Participation

Eligibility and Participation Fee

■【Moto】Class (Sprint Race):
MotoR, MotoR Mini, (MotoR Unlimited)
■CBR250R Dream Cup Beginner Class
■HRC GROM Cup Advance Class/Rookie Class

Participation Fee Eligibility
13,500yen 1. For those who have a valid SMSC※1/MCoM※2 license in 2024
2. For those who have a valid MFJ Junior license or higher (excluding Enjoy) in 2024

※Please check both 1. and 2.

※The CBR250R Dream Cup Beginner Class will only use race vehicles that conform to the CBR250R Dream Cup technical regulations. For more information, please visit

※The HRC GROM Cup will use vehicles that are based on the CBR250R Dream Cup technology. For more information, please visit

■[Challenge] Class (Time Attack Event):
Challenge SMALL, Challenge MINI, (Challenge Beginner, Challenge Unlimited)

Participation Fee Eligibility
【SMSC Membership Fees】 7,000yen 1. SMSC Membership※1
2. MCoM Membership※2
3. For those who hold a driver's license, have had experience riding on the South Course Ride-On Club within the past 2 years for at least 60 minutes, and understand the rules and manners of riding.
(Please join the MS Mutual Aid Association when entering)
※Please select one of the following 1-3 options.
【Non-member rates for SMSC】
※The participation fee includes a membership fee of 2,000 yen.

About License

※1: "SMSC member" and "SMSC license" refer to Suzuka Circuit's Full Course 2-wheel, Full Course Ride-On Club member, Ride-On Club member, South 2-wheel, and South Mini Bike.
※2: "MCoM member" and "MCoM license" refer to members of Mobility Resort MOTEGI's road course for 2-wheel vehicles and North Short Course for 2-wheel vehicles.

For inquiries regarding SMSC licenses, please contact the SMSC office (TEL: 059-378-3405).

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