Honda Racing School Suzuka


Honda Racing School SuzukaWhat is it?

Fostering talent to compete on the world's top podiums
The road to the world begins at Suzuka.

In recent years, Japan has played an important role in various motorsports scenes, such as research and development of high-performance machines and hosting of world championships.
With this, young people in Japan have started to show their talents in world-class motorsports.

Suzuka Circuit, which has hosted motorsports events including F1,
has been ahead of its time and aims to develop riders and drivers
who can compete at the top level both technically and mentally.
In 1992, it opened the "Suzuka Circuit Racing School Junior (now HRS Suzuka Moto Class)".
Next, in 1993, the next generation driver development institution "Suzuka Circuit Racing School Kart (currently HRS Suzuka Kart class)"
And in 1995, the only full-fledged formula driver development in Japan
"Suzuka Circuit Racing School Formula (currently HRS Suzuka Formula class)" was opened,
Producing many players who are active in the world's top MotoGP™, F1 Grand Prix, and the top domestic races.

In order to foster riders and drivers aiming to become top drivers in Japan and abroad in 2022, we have made the decision to change the name of our school to Honda Racing School Suzuka (HRS Suzuka), with a stronger focus on Honda's intentions, and to establish a system that can provide comprehensive instruction from school to practice.


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