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About Suzuka Circuit

SUZUKA CIRCUIT TOPInformation on how to evacuate at the time of earthquake at Suzuka Circuit

Information on how to evacuate at the time of earthquake at Suzuka Circuit

Earthquake Early Warnings (EEW) at Suzuka circuit

  1. Please be advised in advance that if a large earthquake is predicted, Suzuka Circuit will receive an earthquake early warning issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and will inform the visitors of the estimated seismic intensity and grace time before a strong shake comes and will suspend the race and events.
  2. The earthquake early warning that reaches your mobile phone differs from the early warning that is issued at the Suzuka Circuit depending on the model and line status, so please follow the information from Suzuka Circuit and instructions of our staff.

Requests at the time of earthquakes and evacuation

  1. Please protect yourself until the shaking stops.
  2. When the shaking stopped, please follow the guidance and instructions by the staff.
  3. When leaving the spectator seat, do not rush and evacuate to a safe area.

In case that Earthquake Early Warning is announced

  1. If an earthquake early warning is issued, it will be immediately notified via circuit monitors or on-site broadcasting. Please ensure your safety immediately.
  2. If there is a strong shaking, keep away from things that might fall, such as glass, lighting equipment, and your luggage at the top of the spectator seats to ensure your safety.

In case that you evacuate from the spectator areas

  1. After confirming the safety of the facility, the staff will guide you. From the exit near the seating area, please calm down and follow the staff's guidance.
  2. When you leave the seating area, please make sure you do not lose sight of your company such as always holding hands with small children.
  3. Please assist with the evacuation if there are visitors with small children and/or anyone who is injured around you when you are leaving the seating area.

About building structure at spectators’ areas

  1. Race spectator’s seats (at V seats, B seats and Q seats) and all spectators seats are earthquake-resistant structure based on the seismic criterion of the Building Standards Act. Please calm down and follow the instruction and guidance by the personnel.
  2. Every effort has been made to ensure the safety of the Suzuka Circuit facilities, but unexpected damage may occur due to natural disasters such as earthquakes. Please check the surrounding conditions and act with cautions.