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SUZUKA CIRCUIT TOP Featured Ms. Roberta Martucci Schiavi

An Italian web magazine press officer Ms. Roberta Martucci Schiavi

PhotoWe have had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Roberta Martucci Schiavi, the press officer for the an Italian web magazine, on her very first touristic journey to Japan. Roberta, a passionate fan of the Formula One series had recently visited Imola Circuit to attend the 20th anniversary event for Ayrton Senna Memorial.

In May 2014, after visiting some of the spectacular Japanese touristic spots both in Tokyo and Kyoto, Roberta came to visit the Suzuka Circuit which she seemed to have very much enjoyed.

We have humbly asked Ms. Roberta Schiavi to give us her comments regarding Japan in general and Suzuka Circuit in particular. Roberta gave us her comments from an overseas tourist point of view of someone that decides to visit Suzuka Circuit for the first time.

We have also asked Roberta to advice first-timers focusing on topics such as transportation - train and taxi access to the circuit and other major points that will concern the overseas Formula One fan when visiting Suzuka Circuit to enjoy the Japanese Formula One GP.

What was your first impression regarding the Suzuka Circuit, after you actually arrived at the circuit?

I would say that the Suzuka Circuit is impressive. That’s how I would describe it. First of all it is impressive to think of how many things happened there, second of all it is impressive to see how modern the structures are and third of all it is impressive to find little “surprises” here and there in the Circuit. Like, for example, the Theatre.

The Theatre is simply something you don’t expect to find in the circuit, and something it gives the opportunity to feel the adrenaline of being on a track or feel the wind on a motorbike.

As I said the structures are very modern, like the stands that adapt their dimensions depending on what they are hosting inside. Like the Media Centre, very big and furnished.
* The Theatre is a special effects’ “Racing Theatre” located near the Suzuka Circuit Grand Stands. The unique 19m wide screen combined with a powerful vibration sound surround-system virtually provides the same thrill that would be experienced by the actual racing driver. The guest is given the rare opportunity of physically experiencing the overwhelming speed and punch that a racing driver goes through on the racetrack.
This unique “Main Theatre” provides our visitors will the unforgettable experience of the reality of motor sports.


Roberta, you visited and stayed over in both Kyoto and Tokyo. In your opinion how was the access from these cities to Suzuka Circuit?

You can take the fast train to Nagoya, from there e regional train will take you to Suzuka, then a taxi will take you to the circuit. The expense is around 20 euro for the taxi. From Tokyo (without JR pass) the cost is 50 Euro one way.
Once you get to the Nagoya station it is easy to find information on how to go to the Circuit, helpful people will be available to explain.

When you compare Suzuka Circuit with the many circuits you have visited in Europe, what main differences have you found?

THE MAIN difference between, for example, Suzuka circuit and Imola is the place they are located. Imola is in a par while Suzuka is located in a bigger surface and oversees the city. Suzuka also looks more complex and more modern, this also due to the new features like the Theatre and the amusement park. Or the hotel inside the track.
However, they seem very similar when it comes to the main features, like the Media Centre, even though the Suzuka one is bigger.

Finally would you like to give some advice to the overseas Formula One fans that plan to visit Suzuka Circuit soon?

TO ENJOY the F1 Japanese GP I would suggest including the visit during a trip throughout Japan, the location is very convenient from both Tokyo and Kyoto. If visitors go to see the race I would suggest spending at least one extra day to take advantage of the circuit has to offer.
Ms. Roberta Schiavi, thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

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