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Kur Garden


Kur Garden is a very relaxing space surrounded by a wealth of nature. You can indulge yourself in what a natural hot spring has to offer in the bathing zone consisting of a big bath area, open-air bath, and sauna. The active zone offers you a wide range of options, including a warm indoor hot pool where you can swim in your swimming wear, air bubble bath, Jacuzzi, and "Utaseyu" (stream of hot water cascading onto your back). Child space is also available where you can relax while watching over your children. We hope you will enjoy this high-quality natural hot spring.
*Those with tattoo or those who are heavily drunk are not allowed to use this facility.

  • Big bath area

    Big bath area

  • Sauna


Natural Hot Spring

Natural hot spring that flows out within the Suzuka Circuit Park
You can enjoy authentic alkaline hot spring in the bathing zone made up of a big bath area, open-air bath and sauna.

Natural Hot SpringNatural Hot Spring

Indoor Hot Pool

You can use the indoor hot pool with 3 swimming lanes all year round. Entire family can enjoy relaxing in the pool dedicated for children.

Natural Hot SpringNatural Hot Spring

Swimsuit must be worn to use the heated pool. (No entry will be allowed without a swimsuit)
*Rental swimsuit will be available. (Rental charge:JPY520)

Relaxation Room

This space, where you can kick back and cool down after bathing in the hot spring, is designed based on a motorsport concept. Child space is located in the center, where you can relax while watching your children in a racing machine.

Indoor Hot Pool Indoor Hot Pool

Business Hours

Business Hour for Kur Garden facilities

Business Hours (reception closes 30 minutes before the business hours)
Big bath / open-air bath / sauna 6:00 - 9:30
11:00 - 24:00
Indoor hot pool / active zone (air bubble bath, Jacuzzi, and "Utaseyu")
(stream of hot water cascading onto one's back)
11:00 - 24:00

* Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice.
* All the prices mentioned here include tax.
* Photos and illustrations used here are just images.