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Exclusively for guests staying
at the Suzuka Circuit Hotel

Natural Hot Spring "THE SPA"
Opens on 2023 March 18 (Sat.)

A natural and modern space
for repose
to soothe away
the fatigue of your trip

  • Lobby

  • A warm space unified with a natural and modern taste will provide you with even more repose and comfort.
  • In the open-air bath and large communal bath, you can enjoy high-quality spring water that is soft to the touch.
    In addition, families with small children can feel at ease, such as an indoor bath with lukewarm water and a washing area without partitions.
    You can use a comfortable and spacious private space exclusively for hotel guests.
  • Large Communal Bath

"THE SPA" opens on: 2023 March 18 (Sat.)
We start taking reservations for accommodation on: 2022 December 23 (Fri.)13:00
Conditions of Use: Guests staying at Suzuka Circuit Hotel and Family Campground
Fee: Free of charge
Opening hours: 6:00~11:00、14:00~23:00
* Available from 14:00 on 2023 March 18 (Sat.)

*Persons with tattoos or those who are intoxicated are not permitted.
*Children at the age of 6 and under and 120 cm tall and shorter can take a bath of the opposite sex.

Ingredients and effects of the source
■Hot spring temperature: 44℃
■Yielding rate: 430 liters/min.
■Perceptual test: Faint yellow transparent, tasteless, faint hydrogen sulfide odor
■Spring quality: simple hot spring (hypotonic, alkalescent, high temperature spring)
■pH value: 8.3 (5.8-8.6)

The contraindications, indications, etc. based on the quality of the therapeutic spring classification are as follows.

【General indications for therapeutic springs (for bathing)】
Chronic muscle or joint pain or stiffness (chronic phase of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulders, bruise, sprain, etc.), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, sensitivity to cold, peripheral circulatory disturbance, the decline of gastrointestinal function (heavy stomach, gas in the intestines, etc.), mild hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, autonomic instability, stress-related symptoms (sleeping disorder, depression, etc.), convalescent recovery period, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health

【Indications by spring quality (for bathing)】
Autonomic instability, insomnia, depression

【General contraindications to hot springs (for bathing)】
Active phase of disease (especially when feverish), active tuberculosis, advanced malignant tumor or severe physical weakness such as severe anemia, severe heart or lung disease that causes shortness of breath with minimal movement, severe kidney disease with swelling, gastrointestinal bleeding, visible bleeding, chronic illness in the acute exacerbation period