Adventure Yakisoba

  1. Adventure Yakisoba
  2. Treasure Yakisoba

    Treasure Yakisoba JPY 680 Treasure-like Yakisoba with Vienna sausage, karaage chicken and half-fried egg on top! Please do relish it!

  3. Adven Yakisoba

    Adven Yakisoba JPY 600 We use the mild sauce for Adven Yakisoba, so even children can eat it without worry!

  4. Family Yakisoba

    Family Yakisoba JPY 1,900 Reasonable Yakisoba of 2.5 servings with Karaage chicken and potatoes on top!

Fried noodle with thick noodles seasoned with sweat and spicy original sauce is their selling point.
Please enjoy hot fried noodles fried in front of your eyes.

Location Adventure Village in Motopia
Business days Mon., Fri., Sat., Sun., Holidays, during spring vacation, summer vacation and winter vacation *Days closed and business hours are subject to change season to season.