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Elite racers who have conquered each circuit gather at Suzuka!

All Japan Kart Championship is...

In 2023, the "All Japan Kart Championship FS-125JAF/FP-3 Round 1 and Round 2" and the "Junior Kart Championship Junior/Junior Cadet Round 1" will be held on April 8th (Sat) and 9th (Sun), and the "All Japan Kart Championship OK Round 7/Round 8", "All Japan Kart Championship FS-125CIK Round 7/Round 8", and "All Japan Kart Championship EV Round 5" will be held on October 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun).
The battle where the top players from all over the country gather will begin in April and reach its final round in October.

The OK class, which is held under the same regulations as international races, is a high-performance race where young drivers aiming for the world and experienced veterans with skilled techniques compete at a high level, equipped with engines that have been finely tuned to match the top races and tires with astonishing grip.

The FS-125 division is a Japanese-specific category that started in 2011, featuring a one-make engine and one-make tire race with a JAF designated 125cc engine. Starting in 2023, the FS-125CIK and FS-125JAF divisions will be newly established, with the FS-125CIK division being held at Suzuka Circuit.

In addition, a new EV division will be held starting in 2022.



■Date of Event
・October 21 (Sat)・22 (Sun), 2023
All Japan Kart Championship Round 7/Round 8 for OK Division
All Japan Kart Championship Round 7/Round 8 for FS-125CIK Division
All Japan Kart Championship Round 5 for EV Division
Suzuka Championship Series MAX Masters - AVANTI Round 5


The schedule for 2023 has been posted.

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