Putti Town Kitchen

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    Steak & Hamburger Steak Plate JPY 1,580 Gorgeous plate with both steak and hamburger steak on. You are sure to be stuffed!

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    Kidís Plate JPY 720 Childrenís favorite menu will come out on a car! Very popular among kids!

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    Waffle Parfait JPY 420 each Waffle and ice cream match perfect! It is a popular dessert among children!

Putti Town Kitchen, the western food restaurant in Putti Town, has meals mainly the grilled food menus available to the guests.
Please enjoy meals with your family in a spacious room.
The salad bar is also available.
*All the items in the menu come with the salad bar.

Location Putti Town in Motopia
Number of seats indoor 220 seats / terrace 80 seats