Moto Oasis

  1. Moto Oasis
  2. Balloon Candy

    Balloon Candy JPY 650 Fluffy candy that everyone loves! Enjoy Motopia with the balloon candy in one hand!

  3. Ice Cream with Candy

    Ice Cream with Candy JPY 550 each If you love the sweet things, you surely fall in love with the combination of ice cream and candy!

  4. Candy Drink

    Candy Drink JPY 500 each If you put a balloon candy on your favorite drink and drink it, the fluffy and bubbly drink is made!

Moto Oasis located beside the main gate is the bikers’ café in the Moto Field. Would you like some fluffy texture balloon candy?!

Location Pipira’s Moto Field
Business days Sat., Sun., Holidays, during spring vacation, summer vacation and winter vacation *Days closed and business hours are subject to change season to season.