Adven Curry

  1. Adven Curry
  2. Curry with Waraji Cutlet

    Curry with Waraji Cutlet JPY 980 Plate-covering waraji (straw sandal)-sized big cutlet! The most popular menu at Adven Curry.

  3. Curry with Omelet

    Curry with Omelet JPY 850 Please enjoy the fluffy egg and the special curry simmered for a long time!

  4. Kidís Curry

    Kidís Curry JPY 650 Mild taste curry also good for children.

Curry specialty shop located in the Adventure Area.
Stewed curries they proud of are good for wide range of people from children to old people.

Location Adventure Village in Motopia
Number of seats 80 seats in the roofed area next to Adven Curry (20 tables)