Adven Chicken

  1. Adven Chicken
  2. Adven Chicken

    Adven Chicken JPY 500 Please have the original fried chicken thigh with several flavors of spices sprayed over it!

  3. Wild Frankfurter on the bone

    Wild Frankfurter on the bone JPY 400 / stick Minced Frankfurter on the bone is juicy. Eat it wildly!

  4. Turkey Leg

    Turkey Leg JPY 700 Smoked turkey is sure to satisfy you and filling as well as the appearance!

The selection of hand-held menus is perfect for the time when you are a little bit hungry.
This is a restaurant where you can enjoy other wild menus than the turkey legs and frankfurters on the bone.

Location Adventure Village in Motopia
Business days Mon., Sat., Sun., Holidays, during spring vacation, summer vacation and winter vacation *Days closed and business hours are subject to change season to season.