Bun Bunís Pancake Shop

  1. Bun Bunís Pancake Shop
  2. Bun Bunís Smile Pancake

    Bun Bunís Smile Pancake JPY 650 Pancake with a cute Bun Bunís illustration is very popular among children!

  3. Bun Bunís Honey & Maple Syrup Pancake

    Bun Bunís Honey & Maple Syrup Pancake JPY 650 Pancake eaten with honey and maple syrup highlights the taste of ingredients. Please enjoy the taste of homemade pancake.

  4. Tower Pancake

    Tower Pancake JPY 1,800 Tower pancake using 6 pieces of pancake is full of volume! A whole family can enjoy it!

We are particular about the quality ingredients and use 100% of the wheat ďIse no HibikiĒ grown in Mie Prefecture for the pancakes, our main menu. We use the Japanese acacia honey for our menus.
We also use the thinned wood in Mie for the interior which gives warmth, so you can dine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Location Joyful Square
Number of seats 77 table seats / 60 seats on Tatami mats