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I will introduce the KOCHIRA FAMILY

KOCHIRA is a space dinosaur created by the "Master in the Manga World" Mr. Osamu Tezuka in 1979.
CHIRARA, BATTO, PUTO and PIPIRA became friends at the 20th anniversary of KOCHIRA’s birth.
The "KOCHIRA FAMILY" is waiting for everyone to come to SUZUKA CIRCUIT.

Kochira Family


Birthday: September 23
A reliable leader who loves bike competitions!
He is a very kindhearted boy who always hopes for everyone's smile.
He is good at riding a bike, of course, but it seems he can drive various vehicles as well.
Such a boy KOCHIRA is very popular!
When you get to meet him, try to talk with him a lot!



Birthday: April 4
Always kind and a girl of strong character and PIPIRA's sister.
She is very good at cooking and loves flowers!
She knows all kinds of flowers, so Motopia is always full of wonderful flowers thanks to CHIRARA ♪
When it comes to the races, she cheers everyone as a Circuit Queen!



Birthday: August 10
He loves cars and adventures!
He is sometimes playful, but he is a really cool boy who cares for friends.
He admires the Formula machine drivers and is always practicing with the Formula machine “FE-810” that Dr. PUTO made!



Birthday: November 3
He is the director of the Norimono Research Institute and a very smart boy.
He knows many things and will invent many vehicles and machines!
Above all, he really likes swirl candy, and when he goes for a walk, he seems to always carry it around!



Birthday: May 5
Full of energy! CHIRARA's younger brother who loves to play with everyone.
He wants to be able to ride a bike, and he is working hard on a Kids Bike.
Dancing, riding a ride, watching race s... he is very curious about the fun things.
And PIPIRA is mischievous! Please be careful.