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KART ATTACKER Step-up Kart Attractions

A making-your-way-up karting attraction where you can challenge and improve with parents and children now available!

KART ATTACKER is a “racing kart attraction” where you can try karting for the first time with parents, children, and friends, aiming for the fastest time and getting better together.

Suzuka Circuit Park passport accepted!

Online reservation

Advance online reservation is recommended for using KART ATTACKER
*We will close the reception as soon as the number of reservations reaches the capacity.

Procedure from reservation to use


Get numbered tickets in advance for the number of people on the reservation site "Urakata".
Please check the date and time, number of tickets, terms of use, and notes on the page and follow the instructions on the screen to make a reservation.

★You can reserve a numbered ticket from two weeks before the date of use.


Present the reservation confirmation email screen at the Kart Attacker reception 10 minutes before the reserved time.
If you make a reservation using a computer, please print out the reservation confirmation email screen and bring it with you.

Numbered ticket reservation

・<Price> Free/1 person

・Each time, distribution ends as soon as it runs out.

Numbered ticket acquisition conditions

Those who meet the Kart Attacker usage conditions and have a Park passport or attraction ticket of 1,000 JPY.

*To try the attack stage, you need a result sheet showing you have cleared the standard time or a plastic license card with a photo (B license or higher).

Here are two stages you can try!

debut stage
The challenge to KART ATTACKER starts from the “Debut Stage”.
Take a briefing before boarding and learn the rules.
Try it while receiving the follow-up of staff and dad and mom, such as wearing helmets and gloves.
Parents and children work together to refine their technique and aim to clear the reference time!
attack stage
Drivers who have cleared the reference time in the debut stage can try the "attack stage".
Try a time attack by driving a machine with a maximum speed of 35km / h, 10km / h faster than the one in the debut stage. Brush up your driving techniques and aim for your best time!

Reference time

If you get a B license in the Debut Stage, you can move up to the Attack Stage!

Debut Stage
C license 0:36:999
B license 0:33:999
Attack Stage
A license 0:26:999
S license 0:24:999

This is the machine you will operate!

Operate the machine at a maximum speed of about 25 km/h in the Debut Stage and the one at a maximum speed of 35 km/h in the Attack Stage to aim for your best lap time!
Get on your partner machine and grab the steering wheel, and it's the beginning of your new challenge.

Operate the machine in the best position!

You can adjust the positions of the steering wheel and pedals to suit your driving position!

Make full use of the "intercom"!

An intercom that allows you to talk with your dad or mom who is trying for the time trial with you!
It is possible to give advice while driving through the intercom developed exclusively for this KART ATTACKER.
Make use of it to improve your driving skills.
* The intercom costs 300 JPY per person per rental separately.

Cooperation: MIDLAND JAPAN

Cheer for your family!

A space on the second floor of the reception where you can relax is now available.
You can check who is driving in what ranking on the monitor.


Capacity 1 person
Access Control 9 years old and older + 130cm tall or taller
* To try the attack stage, a result paper that shows you have cleared the standard time or a plastic license card with a photo (B license or higher) is required.
Price 1,000 JPY/ 1 person
* Suzuka Circuit Park passport is accepted.
Number of machines 16
Track length About 390m
Maximum speed DEBUT STAGE   25km / h
ATTACK STAGE   35km / h