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This event has ended in 2019.Thank you for visiting us.

Pool area

Adventure Mountain

Let’s explore around the Aqua Mountain!You can do various adventures around the Fountain Volcano
around the fountain volcano “Aqua Mountain”!
Can you go all of them?
Depth of Water 10cm - 60cm

Fountain Volcano “Aqua Mountain”

When you push the switch, water spouts out from the crater.

The Falls of the Brave

Can you bravely go through the falls with a rapid flow of water?

Flying-Out Slider

Start at the narrow waterway. Go through the course waiting on the Falls of the Brave with acceleration while experiencing the sense of “flying out”!
Capacity 2 persons
Access Control 105cm or higher in height

Cave with Wind Hole & Sacred Cave

You can encounter the secret in the cave that only those who enter the cave can know.

Water Cannon

Let’s water-fight with the companions of the adventure! Fill the drum can of your opponent with water and turn it upside down!

Ship Tortoise

When you operate it the water comes out from the boat with the power of the motor.

River Trekking

Head for the fountainhead located in the upper stream by following the flow of the water!

Mountain Stream Slider

Slide down instantly on the water of the mountain stream!

*For those who are 105cm tall or shorter, they can ride this when accompanied by a person of 12 years older.

Thorough management of safety, hygiene and the quality of water
In order for children to enjoy it without any worries, we have a thorough management of safety and hygiene.
For the depth of the Water Park in the area, even the deepest place is 60cm.
There are enough sunshade areas.
Beach surrounded by green is the Water Park you can feel the sense of resort to the full.
Comfortable spaces for people who accompany others as well as those who want to relax on the beach are secured.
You can have a rest when you are tired from swimming.

Kids Water Park Adven Putti

Let's completely become a vehicle!Completely become an "Explorer" or "Vehicle"
and try the adventure to find "Power Ring"!

Beach Road Swimming Pool

Let's completely become a vehicle and push your way through the underwater path! The proof of the brave "Power Ring" is hidden.

Power Battle Slide Mini

The popular Power Battle Slide has become a mini size. Even small children can compete with your friends at a start signal!
Capacity 4 person
Difference of Elevation 2m
Length of the Course 9m

Kids Island Pool

You can enjoy sliding in various directions from "Kids Island" ahead of the bridge.
Difference of Elevation 80cm

Adventure Wave

Water Park area that combines
the “Water Park with waves” and the “athletics”
You “can” try the athletic activities on the Water Park!
First athletic swimming pool above the waves in Japan
Depth of Water 100cm
Water Surface Area 650 square meters

Wave Balls

Mysterious balls that make the wave.
Try to find your own way to play using the wave!

Swinging Pier

Can you cross the pier swinging on the wave without breaking the balance?!

Floating Boxes

Cross on the floating boxes using the rope!

Research Submarine

The submarine “Umimogura” that does research in the water has a lot of devices for playing with water!

Signal Cannon

Let’s send signals for leaving the port to the research submarine with the water cannon!

Adven Babie

Babies and kids, let’s enjoy the Water Park!This Water Park is safe for small children! Play with water for the first time!

Water Park for Babies

The depth of water is at 15cm, so this is perfect for your babies to swim in the Water Park for the first time!
Depth of Water 15cm

Kids' Flowing-Water Water Park

Enjoy swaying and floating in the water at the flowing-water Water Park which kids can enjoy without worries!
Depth of Water 30cm
1 lap 48m

Adventure Slider

“Power Battle Slide” where you cooperate
with another person to clear the mission!
Let's try the cooperation mission with all of you and clear the target time!

Tube Ride

Let's go sliding with your family and friends because you can slide together with another person!
Capacity 2 persons
Access Control 120cm or taller in height (no age limit)
Difference of Elevation 10m
Length of the Course 110m

Power Battle Slide

When the total time of the two who slide at the same time clears the goal, "Could-do Cannon" salute will be lifted off!
Furthermore, you can get a “power band” as a sign of achievement!
Let’s try together to clear the target time!
Capacity 1 person (each lane)
Access Control 120cm or taller in height (no age limit)
Difference of Elevation 8m
Length of the Course 80m
*Even if you clear the target time alone, you can get a “power band”.
*Power bands are given only to children up to 7 years old and above.