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This event has ended in 2019.Thank you for visiting us.


Tents you can bring

  • The size of the tent is 2m X 2m or smaller.
  • Please use the tent only in the dedicated setup area.
    <Dedicated setup area> Three locations; free tent area, Advenboat next to Frontier area, area around Manyo forest area.
    >> Please check the paid rest spaces here.
  • For safety reasons, please note that we kindly ask you not to set up any three-dimensional objects such as tents at each poolside and walkways.

▶︎ For rental swim rings and bath towels, click here


Money changers

Two money changers are located near the entrance to the dressing room (locker room building).
Change 1,000 JPY to 100 JPY

Coin-operated lockers(green)

Located at dressing room
Fee: 200 JPY
52cm (H) X 41cm (W) X 41cm (D)

Deposit coin-operated lockers(red)

Located at dressing room (locker room building)
Fees: Depositing/ 400 JPY, 600 JPY Return/ 100 JPY

  • 400 JPY --- 31cm (H) X 41cm (W) X 42cm (D)
  • 600 JPY (pink) --- 52cm (H) X 41cm (W) X 42cm (D)
  • 600 JPY (green) --- 80cm (H) X 30cm (W) X 48cm (D)


2 dryers are located in the dressing room (locker room building).
Fee: Free of charge

Hair dryers (Free of charge)

10 hair dryers are installed next to the restroom in the locker room building.
To be used by both men and women

Nursing room

Located at next to the dressing room (3 beds)

Stroller shed

Located in front of the dressing room

Vending Machines, Shop at the pool

Located at Adventure Beachside
Swimming rings, swimsuit, towels, diapers for playing with water, etc.

Smoking Area

There is a smoking area, so please use the designated places for smoking (3 locations)

  • Locations:
  • 1.In front of Adventure Curry in the Adventure Wave
  • 2.At the back of the Aqua Adventure top stairs
  • 3.Before the entrance to Manyo-No-Mori

Free Resting Places

Located near each Water Park

First-aid Station

Located next to the Water Park general information center


9 warm water showers, 8 cold water showers

▶︎ For paid rest spaces, click here

Prohibited to bring and use them

  • Use of sun oil
  • Walking the poolside and in the locker room building with shoes on
  • Sunshade tents and so on at the places other than the designated locations.
  • To bring fire, hazardous materials, glass bottles, cans, snorkels, fins, oars.
  • Swimming with diapers on. Diapers for playing in the water can be used.
  • To bring the strollers into the poolside. Please use the stroller shed next to the dressing room.
    Please note that we will not be responsible for loss or theft at the stroller storage area.
  • Regarding the wheelchairs, you can bring them into the poolside if you wash the tires on the wheelchairs.However, it is prohibited to bring the wheelchairs into the locker room building, so we kindly ask you to get changed in the following two locations.
    • Support the body and go to the dressing room
    • Restroom for wheelchairs next to the Kids Flowing-Water


  • Please note that persons who have tattoo on them are not allowed.
  • For the tents and umbrellas, the locations you can use them are specified. You can use only at three locations.
    <Dedicated setup area> free tent area, Advenboat next to Frontier area, area around Manyo forest area.
    If the size is of something that prevents the passage of other people, we kindly ask you not to use them.
  • Please do not run on the poolside.
  • No food and drink on the poolside.
  • Please wear a swimsuit when swimming.
    Please note that you may swim wearing T-shirts but the T-shirts may change their colors due to chlorine. Please bring clean T-shirts for the water quality management.
  • At the poolside, you can wear sandals and water shoes (ones that you are not wearing outdoors daily).
    *The surface temperature on the poolside rises during the day. We recommend the use of the footwear.
  • No diving into the Water Park.
  • Please refrain from entering if you are intoxicated and/or sick.
  • Please smoke in the designated areas.
  • We may suspend the swimming due to adverse weather conditions (thunderstorms). Also due to strong winds, Adventure Slider may be suspended.
  • We may ask anyone who conducts the acts of violence and/or becomes a nuisance to other visitors to leave.
  • There is a break once in 1 hour for the Water Park.
  • We do not prohibit the use of cameras, but it will be limited to taking the photos of your friends and families. If you are taking photos for a long time, we may speak to you.
    *Please refrain from taking photos that cause other guests to feel the discomfort.
  • When you use the glasses, please wear goggles rubber when you swim.