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Amusement Park MOTOPIA




  • Motopia Passport OK!
  • Children of 2 years old and above.

Work together with family and aim for the finish!

“ene-1 (ene-one)” is the ride where you compete for the “driving distance” in a certain amount of energy.
If you use up the energy, it finishes even before the goal.
Adjust the accelerator while watching the eco-meter on the operation panel and aim to finish the 400-meter race!!

Capacity 4 persons
For Children of 9 years old and above.
*For children from 2 to 8 years old, a person who is 13 years old and above needs to accompany them.
Fee JPY 500 / person

It is a vehicle to compete the mileage with in the limited energy.
The harder you try out the vehicle with your family, the longer it runs.
You have to drive it 400 meters to reach the goal.

Control the accelerator so that the eco-meter is within a "Green Zone"!!
You can make the most of energy if you can keep the "Green Zone."

Earn the mileage while the assist mode is lit because energy does not run out during the period. Energy Starter

If you press an "Energy Starter", you can use the energy charged by activating an "Energy Charger."
Your record is the mileage you made at the last point when you run out of energy.
A license card will be issued depending on the mileage.


  • Motopia Passport OK!

Record the Dream Lap Time!

DREAM R is not only for your own joy, but also you can enjoy the ride by timekeeping and setting your goal.
In addition, it has a boost function, so you can experience the change of the driving by acceleration. There are many ways to play, such as parents and children enjoy it together, competing with friends for the lap time, conquer the course by your own way, etc.

Capacity 1 person
For Children of 9 years old and above as well as 120cm tall and taller
Fee JPY 500 / person
Try out a time attack to get the fastest time!

Make a good use of a boost button to clear the standard time.
Press the Power Button when the lamp is lit at a boost point.

Acro X Evolution

  • Motopia Passport OK!
  • Children of 2 years old and above.
  • Test Driver’s License

    You can earn two types of cards depending on the level of a clear point. Your goal is the “S license”!

Clear the 12 kinds of difficult stages and aim for the top of the test drivers!

You will operate the machine as the off-road machine test driver to drive through the rough road and challenge the mission for the development of the machine!
On the course appears “strenuous uphill test” and “water cannon”. Point meter is mounted on the machine, and the points are displayed on the point meter every time you go through a section of the course.

Capacity 4 persons
For Children of 9 years old and above.
*For children from 2 to 8 years old, a person who is 13 years old and above needs to accompany them.
*Children under 2 years of age are not allowed.
Fee JPY 500 / person
Acro X Advenboat

How to Enjoy Acro X Evolution and Evolved Points

Every time you go through the 12 kinds of sections in the course, the number on the point meter onboard changes depending on the level of your achievement for the missions given to you. The achievement levels are divided into three levels by the total points displayed at the finish line.

Play the role of a test driver of an off-road machine and complete the entire course of bad road! Each time you pass the section, depending on a level you reach in your test driving,the number on the vehicle's point meter changes.
There are 3 levels of achievement depending on the total points displayed at the finish line.

If you bump against a side of the course, your score will be decreased! If you succeed in getting over the mount, you will get points!
Drive the machine to the direction of an arrow on the steering wheel.

Red pedal : Brake
Blue pedal : Accelerator

Puto’s Machine Laboratory

Make it and try it! Make it and Play with it!

The Vehicle Research Institute, where you can experience the “joy of creating” which is the origin of “Mobility”, is now new and made more powerful! The mechanics room where you can challenge the assembly of the electric cart using the authentic tools and the workshop whose concepts are “make and try it!” and “make and play with it!” are newly added. Of course you can drive the kart you assembled in the mechanics room on the test course when it’s completed.

When you finished it, clean it up.
Children who cleaned up can get 1 Putti.

Mechanics Room

Assembly → Driving → Dismantle

Assembling it by yourself and driving it on your own will let children see the new world, change their perspective and their interest grows more and more.
After they assemble it, they can test drive themselves.
Assembly-driving-dismantle will take approximately one hour.

Capacity Up to 5 persons per vehicle can use this as a group.
For Children of 7 years old and above.
*For children from the 3 to 6 years old, a person who is 13 years old and above needs to accompany them.
Fee JPY 1,000 / vehicle
*JPY 800 / vehicle with the passport discount
  • Children of 3 years old and above.

Mechanic’s License

According to the level of assembly work, kids’ mechanic licenses will be issued.
The licenses are Grade 2, Grade 1, and the Special Grade!


Experience manufacturing freely!

By using the base-kit (already made into various shapes) in the Workshop, experience the craft by making a vehicle that will move, with materials according to the season, such as acorns and tree leaves.
Through manufacturing, children deliver creativity. Try their work using slope and wind, it is equipped with the test course for them to play, what will make it move better? Can we make something more interesting? Make it, try it, and make it again.
With trial and error in the play, the children may produce something new.

For Children at the age of 3 years old and older
*We kindly ask the parent to accompany children.
*It will take about 20 minutes to make and try the work.
Fee JPY 800 / set
*Children can take the work they made as a souvenir.
*JPY 500 / set with the passport discount
  • Children of 3 years old and above.

Base kit in the Workshop

Example of Completed Basic Vehicle

* Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice.
* All the prices mentioned here include tax.
* Photos and illustrations used here are just images.