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Mie International Week 2019.Asian Month of Motorsports at Suzuka Circuit!Experience the Coolest and most Exciting Motorsports here!

Asian Motorsports Month-Free to watch the exciting races

Operation in 2019 has finished.

FREE SUZUKA Race of Asia
June 22 - 23, 2019

SUZUKA Race of Asia is made of several different categories of races,
such as "Blancpain GT Series Asia" and " LAMBORGHINI SUPER TROFEO ASIA "

Event Information

Visiting the Pit of Asian Teams!

  • Date and Time :
    June 22th(Sat) 12:30PM - About 1hour
  • Reception:
    Clock Tower Ticket Conter (9:30AM to 11:30AM)
  • The number of participants:
    Maximum 20 people ONLY.
  • *Please be careful this event is first-come first-served, so if you have any interest in this event, don't miss this opportunity!

Visiting Teams:
Indigo Racing (Korea),
Anstone Racing (China),
BMW Team Studie (Japan)

Spin experience at Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center

We want you to sit in the passenger seat with professional instructor for a spin experience!
Shooting is also OK! Please experience the memories of the Suzuka Circuit.

  • Date and Time : June 22th(Sat)
    ①10:00 to 10:30  
    ②11:00AM to 11:30AM 
    ③12:00PM to 12:30PM 
    ④ 4:00PM to 4:30PM
  • Participation fee:JPY 500 per person

*On the day, Please prepare your residence card and reception number before coming to Suzuka Circuit Main Gate.

FREE Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC)
June 28 - 30, 2019

Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) is the regional motorcycle road racing championship in Asia,
which is being held since 1996 as an Asian-wide initiative.
There are over 70 racers from 10 countries gather here to attend the race.

Special Discount for MOTOPIA
and Water Park!

June 1 - July 19, 2019

All foreign nationals who are living in Japan can enjoy a special discount price of Amusement Park Motopia at Suzuka Circuit between June 1 and July 19.
*June 11 - 13 will be CLOSED for facility maintenance.

MOTOPIA 1Day Passport Price:

(There is extra fees for a part of attractions )
Age / Period June 1 - July 12 July 13 - July 19
13 years of age or older Usual
JPY 4,300JPY 3,100
JPY 4,300JPY 3,600
7 - 12 years old Usual
JPY 3,300JPY 2,400
JPY 3,300JPY 2,800
3 - 6 years old Usual
JPY 2,100JPY 1,400
JPY 2,100JPY 1,800
60 years of age and older. Usual
JPY 3,000JPY 2,300
JPY 3,000JPY 2,400

Summer Passport

(1Day Water Park Ticket & 1 Day Motopia Passport)
Age / Period June 29 - July 12 July 13 - July 19
13 years of age or older Usual
JPY 5,500JPY 3,600
JPY 5,500JPY 4,500
7 - 12 years old Usual
JPY 4,300JPY 2,800
JPY 4,300JPY 3,500
3 - 6 years old Usual
JPY 2,800JPY 1,800
JPY 2,800JPY 2,300
60 years of age and older. Usual
JPY 3,800JPY 3,300
JPY 3,800JPY 3,300

Water Park Ticket

(MOTOPIA ticket Not included )
Age / Period June 29 - July 12 July 13 - July 19
13 years of age or older Usual
JPY 3,100JPY 2,400
JPY 3,100JPY 2,500
7 - 12 years old Usual
JPY 2,000JPY 1,500
JPY 2,000JPY 1,600
3 - 6 years old Usual
JPY 1,400JPY 1,000
JPY 1,400JPY 1,100
60 years of age and older. Usual
JPY 2,700JPY 2,100
JPY 2,700JPY 2,200

※Discount available for 6 people include yourself.
※Japan residence card is required when admittance.
※Water park will be open from 29th June.

Natural Buffet SORA・TABEYO Asia race month special dinner menu
Race of Asia June 22(Sat)
Asia road race June 28(Fri),29(Sat)

Sichuan chef work heart out for 3 Hot & Spicy dishes. Let your tongue high up.

  • Hot Chili Oil Noodles

  • Authentic Mapo Tofu

  • Hot &Spicy Chicken Slices

Seafood for freshly made sushi all from Ise bay. Seasonal vegetables for tempura all from contact farm deliver every morning

  • Freshly made Sushi

  • Seasonal vegetables Tempura

Why Suzuka Circuit is definitely one of the coolest places in Japan?

Openly touted by F1 Drivers and Fans as one of the best track
One of the oldest remaining tracks of the Formula One World Championship!

Any enquires please contact us.

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