Response to handling of unauthorized use of credit card information for purchasing F1 Japanese Grand Prix tickets

March 4, 2024
Updated on March 29, 2024

We have confirmed cases of unauthorized use of credit card information to purchase tickets for the FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX through our official online shop, "MobilityStation".

We will take strict measures, including providing information to the police, regarding this matter.
Please be aware that purchasing tickets from sources other than the official ticket office may put you at risk of crime or trouble. Thank you for your understanding.

As of March 29th (Friday), the reservation numbers that have been confirmed to have been purchased by illegal means are as follows, and entry on the day will be refused for tickets with these numbers.
In addition, if it is confirmed that the ticket was purchased or obtained from a source other than the reservation number below or our official outlets (MobilityStation and our authorized agents), we may invalidate it without notice and refuse entry on the day based on the terms of use.

Note: The credit card information related to this incident was not leaked from our website.
We will continue to strive for improvement in our services so that our customers can use them with peace of mind.

Invalid reservation numbers as of March 29 (Friday):
ML2024010046551 ML2024010046554 ML2024010046555 ML2024010046578
ML2024010046579 ML2024010046580 ML2024010046635 ML2024010046636
ML2024010046662 ML2024010046663 ML2024010046688 ML2024010046689
ML2024010046768 ML2024010046935 ML2024010046936 ML2024010046938
ML2024010046942 ML2024010046943 ML2024010047031 ML2024010047032
ML2024010047033 ML2024010047036 ML2024010047038 ML2024010047039
ML2024010047041 ML2024010047045 ML2024010047052 ML2024020051865
ML2024020051877 ML2024020051884 ML2024020051887 ML2024020051931