Honda RACING Gallery

2024.4.5. OPEN

Since 60 years ago, Honda has been challenging the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1. Through the display of beautiful past machines and power units (engines) that have actually raced,
this is a space where you can feel Honda's commitment to victory and the technology that has been honed for it.


From May 28th (Tue), we will be exhibiting the F1 cars "Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team VCARB 01" and "McLaren Honda MP4/7A" at the Honda Racing School Suzuka. In addition, the "Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B" and "Honda RA272" will be temporarily suspended from display due to event participation.

1FPermanent Exhibition Area

The two symbolic machines that represent Honda's victory will be displayed in the center of the floor, surrounded by the engines, power units, and machines that achieved victory.

  • 1F
  • 1F

B1|Exhibition Area

We will set a theme for each period and exhibit machines that symbolize that era.

"Honda F1 Japanese Drivers" April 5, 2024 (Fri) ~ mid-June

We will exhibit the Honda F1 machines driven by Japanese drivers who have knocked on the world's door.

  • B1
  • B1
Capacity 100 people / 30-minute rotation system for 1st floor permanent exhibition area on specific days
Target Available to everyone.
Fees Free

※Suzuka Circuit admission fee (race days require a viewing ticket) is required separately.

Reception Method Advance reservation is required for admission to the 1F permanent exhibition area on specific days. The B1 special exhibition area does not require a reservation at all times.

※Entrance restrictions may be implemented during busy times.

Specific Day Calendar

Flow from Reservation to Use


Get tickets in advance for the number of people on the reservation site "Uracata".
Please check the date and precautions on the page and make a reservation according to the screen display.
Registration will end as soon as the capacity is reached for each session.
Guidance on a 30-minute replacement system. Click here to make a reservation (external site)


Reception will start at the 1F Information Center 20 minutes before the reserved time.
If you are late for your reservation time, the available viewing time will be shortened.

Permanent Exhibition
Category Name Year Exhibition Area
F1 Machine McLaren Honda MP4/5 1989 Entrance 1F
Honda RA272 (Display suspended during event exhibition) 1965 Main Hall
Honda RA300 1967
Williams Honda FW11B 1987
McLaren Honda MP4/4 1988
McLaren Honda MP4/6 1991
McLaren Honda MP4/7A 1992
Honda RA106 2006
Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda AT01 2020
Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B (Display suspended during event exhibition) 2021
Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team VCARB 01 2024
F1 Engine RA168E 1988
RA109E 1989
RA806E 2006
F1 Power Unit RA621H 2021
Exhibition: FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX Exhibition
Category Name Year Exhibition Area
F1 Machine Lotus Honda 100T 1988 Exhibition Area B1
SUPER AGURI Honda SA07 2007
Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda AT02 2021

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