Access and Parking Information

Access and Parking Information

July 19 (Fri) - 21 (Sun), 2024
2024 FIM Endurance World Championship
"Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours 45th Annual Race
Parking Information on Race Day

As of July 15, 2024

During the race event period, the surrounding roads and parking lots will be very crowded.
Also, you cannot park when the parking lot is full.
The front parking lot four-wheel area is all advance ticket sales only.
We recommend customers without advance parking tickets to visit by public transportation.
>>Access by public transportation is here

[For those using the parking area]
Even if you present the parking ticket that you paid for on the day, you will not be able to re-enter.
※If you leave the parking lot and enter again with an empty car, you will be asked to pay the parking fee again.
If the parking lot is full, you will not be able to park. Please use another parking lot.
Front Parking Information

※Please pay the parking fee in "cash" when entering.
※Switch to the above information from 0:00 on July 19 (Fri). Please leave by 19:00 on July 18 (Thu) for preparation.
※Please enter from the bus/taxi gate to access the bus/wheelchair parking area and bicycle area.
※Parking in the front parking lot requires a designated parking ticket. >> Click here for details
※Parking in the BIKE PASS area requires a designated parking ticket for motorcycles (BIKE PASS). >> Click here for details

Gate ■Parking Gate
24-hour OPEN
■Bus/Taxi Gate
July 19 (Fri) 6:00-19:00 / July 20 (Sat) 6:00-20:30 / July 21 (Sun) 6:00-21:00

Fees Bus/Microbus 7,700yen
Bike 2,000yen
Business Information on the Day Please check the following website for information on parking availability at each parking lot.
>> Click here for real-time parking information
>> Click here for real-time traffic information

※Parking fee is for one car per day and cannot be re-entered. (Payment: cash only)
※Parking is available at the same day parking fee from 0:00.
※Parking tickets (receipts) should be presented in a visible location such as the dashboard. In addition, if the daily fee from entry to exit exceeds 24 hours, the parking fee for the following day will be charged.

July 19 (Fri) Parking Area for Four-Wheel Vehicles

July 19 (Fri) only, a part of the front parking lot for motorcycles will be operated as a temporary parking lot for cars for a limited time.
Business hours: July 19 (Fri) 0:00-20:00
Regular car: 2,000yen/1 vehicle (up to 2.5m x 5m)
※Re-entry is not allowed
※Cannot be used when full

About parking entrance by motorcycle

During the event period, the entrance to the parking lot by motorcycle will be the Parking Gate. Parking fees will be collected inside the parking lot to ease congestion at the Parking Gate. Please check the map below.

Motorcycle Parking Entrance Route Map

About Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking Area: P2 (Front Parking Lot), Poolside Gate, Corner 1 Gate, Degner East Gate, West Straight Gate, West Paddock Gate
Operating Days: July 19 (Fri) ~ 21 (Sun)
Price: Free

About Considerate Parking

There is no same-day sale for the accessible parking lot. It will be sold as a set with the wheelchair designated seat ticket. >> Click here for details

About Exiting from the Front Parking Lot

After the event, the parking lot exits and surrounding roads will be very crowded.
During busy times, we will guide you to the parking area as shown in the diagram below.
Please follow the instructions of the staff and cooperate in easing congestion at the parking lot exits and surrounding roads.
※Estimated congestion time for 2024: 19:30-21:00

  • P3・P4
  • P6
  • P5・P9
  • P7・P8

Exit Gate: Parking Gate


Exit Gate: Parking Gate


Exit Gate: Bypass Gate 1


Exit Gate: Bypass Gate 3


We recommend making a right turn when exiting from the South Gate.

  • From the parking gate, take the straight route to Suzuka Circuit Front Intersection
  • From Bypass Gate 1-3
Route straight ahead from the parking gate to the Suzuka Circuit front intersection
From Bypass Gate 1-3

About Owned Parking Lots

On the day, we will prepare a temporary parking lot, but the number of parking spaces is limited.
Please note that it is not available when the parking lot is full. Thank you for your understanding.
Temporary Parking Information
Temporary Parking Lot
Miso Parking Lot
Date and Time July 20 (Sat) - 21 (Sun) 6:00-20:30
Fees 2,000yen/day/once
Road surface Unpaved
◆Entrance Gate/Main Gate is available for use. ※Shuttle bus service is available.
Operating Hours: 7:00 AM - 8:30 PM
※Direct bus from Main Gate to the parking lot near the track. (※Cannot get on or off during non-emergency situations.)
In case of bad weather, the circuit may not open. Thank you for your understanding.
※Map code for location [38004585*55]

View on Google Maps

※Please note that the private parking lot is not operated by our company. We cannot take responsibility for the parking lot.
※Parking fees may vary depending on location. Please check and use at the site.
※This does not guarantee a secure parking. Thank you for your understanding if the parking lot is full.

Private Parking Information

Manners Up

・Please do not park anything other than cars in the parking spaces.

・Tent setup, reserving parking spaces, and spreading out chairs and tables for eating and drinking may cause inconvenience to other customers, so please refrain from doing so.

- The use of fire, bringing dangerous items, playing with balls, and moving with pedal-less two-wheeled equipment are prohibited for accident prevention within the parking lot.

・If any items other than the corresponding vehicle are left in the parking space, we may handle them as lost and found items.

"Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours 45th Annual Race
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