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What we aimed for with the Circuit Challenger is the attraction where all the family members including small children can feel the “fun to try”. Therefore, we asked Takuma Sato, who is the racing driver as well as the father of 2 children, to join this project as its project advisor for the development.

Comment from Takuma Sato

We elaborated so that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy it casually and yet with the feeling of a real car.
Different from the old go-karts, this is tuned so that drivers can utilize the power of the motor to their driving by operating the shift and steering wheel. I think you can actually feet the fun to try through the whole attraction program. It is really the "Circuit Challenger".


On the next-generation EV machine steering wheel, operating system such as acceleration, braking and steering are integrated on it, so you can get the feel of new sense of operation.You can operate the shift for 4 shift positions at hand, and changing shifts according to the conditions is the key to clearing your mission.

Operate the accelerator with the right hand

Accelerate by gripping a blue lever located on the back of the right side of the steering wheel

Operate the brake with
the left hand

Use a red lever located on the back of the left side of the steering wheel for braking

Change shifts with
left-hand fingers

Change shifts with the buttons located on the left side of the steering wheel


Get on the machine and enter the Racing Track.
Various missions given to you while driving on the track with the next-generation machine.
Can you really clear the missions?

At first, insert the data
recording card into the

Before the start

Now your challenge starts!
Go out on the track!
At first, you test the steering while you are on the section where the shifting is limited and you can’t accelerate. Steer the steering
wheel 6 times, left to right, right to left.


Next you test the start!
Stop the machine completely and then push the S button.
When the signal goes out, it’s time to start!
Be careful not to jump start because your
points will be taken off.

Shifting up!

Shift up to the fourth at the best timing on the main straight. Drive down the track with full
throttle by bringing out the potential of the
Go while paying attention to the others around you!

Communication from the pit

Communication from the pit.
Follow the instructions such as “Go rhythmically, reading the record line” and “You’ll reach the maximum gradient on the track after this, so choose the right gear for the speed and go up at once” and control the machine!

Finish! Check the result

Finish the drive!
Don’t forget to take out the card before you get off as the driving data is transmitted to the card.
Check the saved result data at the data station located at the exit.
Check your skill and try again and again for the step-up!

Result with the drive data recorded to be issued

The machine has the function that records the driving skills, so you can receive your result data (driving result) with the evaluation of your mission after driving. Try again and again to go for the best result!

License card New Design available

The license card according to your result can be printed at the License Center (at the cost of 300 JPY). Go for the best S rank!

Memorial photo of your challenge with the original frame can be purchased.
  • 2L-size photo paper with a mount:1,600 JPY
  • 2L-size photo paper with a mount + Original frame : 2,500 JPY
Where to buy
In front of ticket sales booth at the Grandstand


Capacity : Up to Max. 3 persons (2 adults + 1 infant)

For 1 person
A person at the age of 11 and older can drive alone.

For 2 persons
For those who are at the age of 2 to 10 years old, they can get on this
ride if they are accompanied by a person who is 13 years old and older.
※Children who are 0 year and 1 year old are not allowed to get on this

For 3 persons
When 3 persons get on this ride, a person who is 9 years old and older
can get on the driving seat, a person who is 2 to 6 years old can get on
the front passenger seat, and a person who is 13 years old and older
can get on the back passenger seat.

Price : 1,600 JPY
※ The above fees do not include the admission fee. A separate admission fee (2,000 JPY for adults) is required for use.
※ Suzuka Circuit Park passport will not give access to this ride.
※ Contents are subject to change without prior notice. The operation for the ride may be cancelled in case of rain.
※ "Ride tickets" etc. that can be used in Suzuka Circuit Park cannot be used.


※ Please be advised that the operation for the ride may be cancelled in case of rain.

Where to buy tickets

Route from main gate to
Circuit Challenger