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Ticket FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When do you close Motopia, the hotel, restaurants and the Spa?
We close them twice a year, once from the end of January to the beginning of February, and once in the middle of June for maintenance.
We will list the opening hours and the exact dates to close them here as soon as they are decided.
Q2: In what languages do you have the guide maps available?
We have them in English
guide_dl_en01.pdf : 6.4MB)
in simplified Chinese
guide_dl_cn01.pdf : 6.1MB)
in original Chinese (URL to be announced soon),
and in Korean
guide_dl_kr01.pdf : 5.9MB)
Q3: Are there any information centers to deal with visitors in foreign languages?
We deal with them at the main information center in Motopia.
Q4: Locations of public telephones
For the public telephones for domestic calls only, they are located in front of the main gate and next to the Racing Zone in Motopia.
For the one on the first floor at Suzuka Circuit Hotel, you can make international calls.
Q5: Is it possible to use credit cards? What credit cards can be used?
UnionPay, VISA, MASTER, JCB, Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos, DC, UC, Diners, Amex, CF cards can be used (You may not be able to use them in some temporary shops and restaurants).
Q6: Are there any places that I can ask to keep my baggage?

Coin-operated lockers are available for the temporary storage of the hand baggage and souvenirs.


JPY 400 for large-sized articles, JPY 300 for medium-sized articles, JPY 200 for small-sized articles.


In front of the main gate (outside) Next to the main information center At the foot of the grandstand.

Sizes of the coin-operated lockers
Fees for a day Height (cm) Length (cm) Depth (cm)
Large: JPY 400 80 36 48
Medium (1) : JPY 300 51 37 42
Medium (2) : JPY 300 30 32 45
Small: JPY 200 37 37 41

*Number of lockers is limited.
*The sizes of the lockers differ depending on the locations of the lockers.
*The lockers can be used only on the day of your visit.

Q7: Parking fee
Parking fee for the regular passenger cars and small campers is JPY 1000 per car.
Parking fee during the F1 Japanese Grand Prix dates will be different.
(Please note that the parking tickets for the F1 Japanese Grand Prix dates are not currently sold outside of Japan. )
Q8: Availability of ATM
From June 17th, 2016, you will be able to withdraw cash with overseas credit cards at the ATM located next to the Clock Tower in Motopia. Please see here (link: for features.
Q9: Where can I smoke?
At Motopia and the race track, we separate smoking from non-smoking.
We kindly ask you to smoke in the SMOKING areas in the park.
Please see the park guides for the locations of the SMOKING areas.
pdfSuzuka circuit Guide PDF Download (PDF : 6.4MB)
Q10: Can I reenter the park?
It is possible to reenter the park if you present the admission ticket stub or Mortopia passport on the day of your visit.
Q11: Are Halal meals available?
Sorry, they are not currently available.
Q12: Are there spaces for worship available?
Sorry, they are not available at Motopia and the International racing course.
For those at Suzuka Circuit Hotel, please inform staff there.
Q13: Are there toilets for wheelchairs available?

The following permanent restrooms offer rooms with handrails designed for a wheelchair.


On the first floor at Suzuka Circuit, next to the Vehicle Lab, at Putti Town area, at Adventure Village area, at GP Field area.

Q14: Do you have rental wheelchairs available?

We provide rental wheelchairs at the main information center in Motopia.

*Please present your disability certificate issued by the public authority. If you don't have one, you will be charged (JPY 500).
*There are available during business hours of the amusement park.
*Please note that number of wheelchairs is limited.

Q15: Are there any places for feeding babies and changing diapers?

A room for feeding babies and changing diapers is available. Please use it freely.
In this room in Motopia hot water is also available.


Feeding room at the main information center next to the Vehicle Lab


Free of charge Please see the Park map for the location of this room.

Q16: Can I rent a stroller?

You can rent a stroller that you can use inside Motopia at the main information center.


Main information center


JPY 500 per stroller per day

* Number of rental strollers is limited.

We recommend you bring your own stroller on the days when crowd is expected.

* Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice.
* All the prices mentioned here include tax.
* Photos and illustrations used here are just images.