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Creation of Mobility Resort

Since its birth as Japan’s first full-fledged racing course in 1962, Suzuka Circuit has been the center of Japanese motorsports.The Formula One Japanese Grand Prix, launched in 1987, while the "Coca-Cola Zero"® Suzuka 8hours World Endurance Road Race racks up its 30th race. Both races are well-established as big events beyond the framework of motorsports. While hosting races, Suzuka Circuit has also been engaged in promoting motorsports culture. As part of this effort, a racing school was established to nurture drivers and riders able to compete at an international level.At the amusement park Motopia, there is a diverse range of driving entertainment for young children. This is based on the corporate vision of cultivating “future fans” and promoting car culture in Japan.
We have also focused on traffic safety education, along with providing an environment and services worthy of a resort, a place where you can enjoy a holiday with a quality hotel and restaurants. We have proactively developed innovative leisure facilities and services in step with the times. At the root of all these activities lie our spirit of “hospitality” and the “mobility resort” concept.
Suzuka Circuit offers a racing arena, along with other motorsports and entertainment. From children to adults, there is something here to excite the hearts of people from all over the world.




Born in 1962 as the first racing course in Japan exceeding international standards, Suzuka Circuit has hosted numerous top level races including the Formula One Grand Prix races, making the name “Suzuka” known around the world. Aside from these prestigious races, Suzuka Circuit has also been active in establishing a school for fostering future racing talent, as well as hosting entry-level races and various training courses. This business area forms the core of Suzuka Circuit in its efforts to promote the healthy growth and development of motorsports.


We provide sophisticated, first-class services allowing full holiday enjoyment, including a full-service hotel framed by flowers and forest and offering the finest hospitality, restaurants to delight the tastebuds with genuine gourmet experiences from around the world, natural hot springs, a pool, and wedding facilities. We offer services for various social occasions and business functions, including corporate training and educational programs, through a combination of facilities for these purposes and our hotel and restaurant facilities. This business area supports an important aspect of our Mobility Resort services.


Respect the individual initiative of each customer, and provide unique physical sensations and the chance to operate a wide range of machines; this is the basic policy of the amusement park Motopia, a utopia for people and vehicles. Centered around original amusement vehicles developed and manufactured by our planning and development section through the combination of skills and safety know-how accumulated over the years, we continue to expand the scope of the attractions and the area in search of new physical sensations for our customers. This business area symbolizes the unique character of Suzuka Circuit.


As a facility specializing in providing traffic education services, our Traffic Education Center provides the “safety software” for the mindset and the operation skills of each driver and rider.
This business area actively contributes to the local community.

Suzuka Circuit Racing School

At Suzuka Circuit, which has been hosting the two-wheeled and four-wheeled motorsport such as Formula1 to start with, is a pioneer in operating the racing schools with the aim to train riders and drivers to be recognized as the world?s top class racers not only technically but also psychologically and humanly.
And from there, we have produced racers who are active in the world's top class MotoGP™ and Formula1 Grand Prix as well as in the races at the national highest level.

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