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Amusement Park MOTOPIA

SUZUKA CIRCUIT TOPAmusement Park MOTOPIAAmusement Rides Chirara’s HELLO GARDEN



New Attraction
  • bun-bun-bachi
  • bun-bun-bachi 0-year-old infants can ride this!

Let's try the new rider with all the family members.

How to ride

Get into the basket of Bun Bun Bachi flying around the flowers!
The bees will go get the flower honey.
If you can get the flower honey by telling Bun Bun bachi where the flowers are, you can receive the flower-shaped license card! Try hard to get it!

What is Bun Bun Bachi?

"Bun Bun Bachi" that you all know are those from the "Bun Bun" merchandise items and the Pancake shop, aren't they? But before you were born, they were rides! Your fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers might have taken the ride.
The "Bun Bun Bachi" are improved a lot and come back for the first time in 12 years!

Capacity 4 persons *In case that 4 persons will ride it, maximum of 2 adults can ride.
For From 4 years old *For 0-year-old infants who can sit down by themselves, they can ridewhen accompanied by someone who is a junior high school student or older.
Fee JPY 400 / person * You can use the passport.
Height About 18 m from the ground *From the passengerís point of view, the highest point is about 11 m.

Chirara’s Flower Wagon

Mobility to Enjoy the Nature

To feel “It seems fun to get flowers to bloom” and notice the importance of nature...
Here are the vehicles that you can have such a wonderful experience!
Get on the flower wagon that is faintly fragrant while listening to the flowers how they are feeling, and go out to the flower garden that Den-Den found!

Capacity 5 persons
For 1st grade in elementary school and older
*For children up to 5 years of age, a person who is a junior high school student older needs to accompany them.
Fee JPY 400

Let's go to a flower garden that DEN-DEN found!

Listen to what flowers feel, ride on a flower wagon of a faint sweet smell and start for a flower garden that DEN-DEN found!

Pull the master controller lever to go forward
Press a Flower Button to hear the voice of flowers when the button glows.

Den-Den-Mushi Snail

Go on the trip for the discovery!

There are a lot of fun devices such as navigation to support the observation of the nature, curved seats, and the lights! Let’s go on a trip for the discovery!

Capacity 4 persons
For 1st grade in elementary school and older can ride this alone.
*For under-aged children, a person who is a junior high school student or older needs to accompany them. (From 0 year old who can sit on their own)
*Those who can hold their body with the safety bar can ride this.
Fee JPY 500

* Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice.
* All the prices mentioned here include tax.
* Photos and illustrations used here are just images.