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Amusement Park MOTOPIA

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GP Field

Kochira's Racing Kart

  • Motopia Passport OK!

Racing Kart that you can enjoy with the passport!

Racing Kart only for juniors that children of 3rd grade and older (130-cm tall) can ride.

Capacity 1 person
For From 9 to 15 years old of 130cm tall and taller
Fee JPY 700 (7 laps) / person
Racing Kart!

Full-scale kart racing available from age 9 (height 130cm)!

5 round time attack in full-throttle! Beat your rivals! Get the best time!
Clear the standard time and get the license!

For rent---shoes/training suit/helmet
If you take and pass Step-up Training for Advanced Karts, you can try out more full-scale karts!
(height over 140cm/advanced reception required/capacity limited)
* Those who have a driver's license can use an advanced kart without taking the training.
*It does not stop automatically.You need to use brakes by yourself.

“Advance Kart” is a racing kart that those who are 140-cm tall or taller can experience the motorsport.

After graduating from Pinky Bike, the next is “Kid’s Bike”.
Children will start from how to ride a bike at the private practice course. You don’t have to worry, because they have special vehicles that are easy to handle by children and the road surface is soft. For sure they can feel “I could ride a bike for the first time!” and also feel the sense of accomplishment. It has been evolved into an all-weather type, so now they can enjoy even on rainy days.

Capacity 1 person
For 140-cm tall and taller
*Those who do not have a driver's license need to take the “Advance Kart Stepping-Up Lecture” (at a cost) separately and get certified.
Fee JPY 1,700 (5 laps) / person
JPY 2,600 (10 laps) / person
Motopia Passport Can’t be used

*Please refrain from wearing sandals. We have rental shoes. (The rental is only for this ride.)

>>more information

Racing Theater

  • Motopia Passport OK!
  • Children of 0 years old and above.

“Watch, try, and meet the authentic”

First in the World! Real racing experience attraction with the sensory audio system.

Capacity Main theater: 60 seats / 4 seats for wheelchairs
Fee JPY 800 / person

*Please refrain from wearing sandals. We have rental shoes. (The rental is only for this ride.)

>>more information

Racing Theater!

The world's first full-scale racing experience attraction using a sensory acoustic system

"Main Theater" uses a sensory acoustic system to transmit sound through vibrations,
special effects, and also a wide screen with 19m width, to make spectators feel the overwhelming speed and impact throughout the body, just as actually seen and felt by racing drivers.
There are more activities in the theater, so that you can feel real motor sports and have a family fun from small children to adults.

Only the Main Theater is available for those above age 3.(60 seats/4 seats for wheelchairs)
Other experience attractions are available for anybody.
*Pregnant guests are not allowed to experience the Main Theater.

Circuit Wheel

  • Motopia Passport OK!
  • Children of 0 years old and above.

Full view of the International Racing Course from the sky!

From the highest at 50 meters above ground level and 100 meters above sea level, you can get a full view of the Ise Bay and the racing course.

Capacity 6 persons
For Children of 7 years old and above.
*For under-aged children, a person who is 13 years old and above needs to accompany them.
Fee JPY 500 / person

* Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice.
* All the prices mentioned here include tax.
* Photos and illustrations used here are just images.