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Amusement Park MOTOPIA

Amusement Park MOTOPIA

Suzuka Circuit, which opened in 1962, is well known as an international racing track that hosts many race events including first of all, Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka 8 Hours, Suzuka 10 Hours, Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship and SUPER GT series races. Suzuka Clubman Race series is very popular for amateur racers since a very longtime ago.

Honda Motor which constructed the Suzuka Circuit has considered prior to that, a facility where children get close to motor vehicles would contribute to the development of automobile environment. It was the time when the Meishin Expressway was opened as Japanese first expressway in 1963 to pave the way for the arrival of motorization in Japan.
The amusement park of Suzuka Circuit was opened just one year after the inauguration of the racing track. Since then, it has been full of smiles and cheers of the children.
Then, the Suzuka Circuit started to give high speed safety riding course for police men who ride police motorcycle in 1964. This is the starting point of the Suzuka Circuit Traffic Education Center (STEC) which now gives the safety driving and riding courses for individuals and companies.

From that point onwards, the Suzuka Circuit develops on a three-pillar policy: racing track, amusement park and traffic education.

Amusement Park MOTOPIA comprises now eight main attraction areas: Aqua Adventure, Chirara’s Hello Garden, Pat’s Adventure Village, Kochira’s Putti Town, Puto’s Mobipark, Pipira’s Moto Field, GP Field and the Circuit Challenger.

Control the ride by yourself

The concept of MOTOPIA is quite unique. Among 30 rides and attractions, many of them can be operated by visitors themselves. Not only the rides with car- and motorcycle-style vehicles but also the train (the Tic-Tak Train) ride, airplane (the Test Flight) ride, balloon (the Bun-Bun-Balloon) ride and boat (the Adven Boat Frontier) ride, etc., can be operated from on board. This format is based on the original concept kept since the park’s opening in 1963.

As for the motorcycle style rides for children, there are different types including the Pinky Bike Plus, the Kids Bike Training, the Acro Bike and the Moto Fighter. For example, even young children of 3 years old can enjoy the Kids Bike Training, and they can make mistakes safely to learn how to ride the bike. Specific license is issued after having experienced one, with which little boys and girls can step up to enjoy advanced class rides. Helmets and protectors are provided for gests, so there is no need to bring them. According to the staff, there are some parents who were moved from seeing their child improves one matter after having experienced repeated errors.
For those who like cars, there are also several type of choices. The Putti Grand Prix and the Kochira Driving School are the rides that can be enjoyed parent and child together. The Acro-X Evolution, the ene-1 and the Adventure Drive are four-seater ride. If you want to experience a racing feel, there is the Duel GP that runs on specific track which has the same figure as the Suzuka Circuit. With the Dream R, you can enjoy time trial. The Advance Kart is composed with real racing kart frame and adults can adequately enjoy it, but you have to have a briefing from instructor before driving it if you have a driver’s license. 

Motor vehicles can be the target of children’s dream. Some like to drive it, some like to build it. Puto’s Machine Laboratory offers children an occasion to assemble an electric kart, drive it and then disassemble it.

Amusement park adjacent to racing track

Of course, there are also the types of rides that can be found in regular amusement parks like roller coasters, swing rides and so on. The Circuit Wheel is the symbolic landmark Ferris wheel of Suzuka Circuit. In summer, the Aqua Adventure park offers a choice of five different swimming pools.

But the biggest difference between the MOTOPIA and other amusement parks is that it is adjacent to an international racing track. Visitors can also enjoy watching the racing action with the same Amusement Park admission ticket for several race weekends (inquiry to MOTOPIA is needed). With the Racing Course Backyard Tour, you can enjoy seeing the race event from behind the scene at locations including the race control room, the podium and the media center. The Circuit Challenger is an EV kart running on the same race track as the F1 cars run on (East Course).

Suzuka Circuit also has a hotel adjacent to MOTOPIA and offers as well as numerous fast-food stands and restaurants that offer a rich variety of cuisine from throughout the country. Amusement Park MOTOPIA is the best place for families with children to get their children to learn riding/driving, about traffic safety and the fun of motor vehicles.

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