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Prevention of COVID-19 and Measures to Prevent the Spread

Suzuka Circuit is implementing the following measures for prevention of COVID-19 and measures to prevent the spread as follows upon operating its business.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
For the time being, please pay attention to the policies of the prefecture where you live and consider your visit.

■ Measures for visitors to visit with confidence and requests to visitors

Please make sure to wear a mask when visiting the venue (for visitors at 3 years of age and older).

  • ・As the heat stroke measures, if you can secure a sufficient distance (2m or more) from people outdoors, you can remove the mask as appropriate.
  • ・Even if you temporarily remove your mask during meals, please cooperate with the "cough etiquette"
    >> For the "cough etiquette", please click here (external website PDF: 975KB).
  • ・The staff will also wear masks and face shields when serving customers, but they may remove the masks after considering the surrounding conditions to prevent heat stroke.
  • ・Some facilities will have a screen installed to prevent spraying.
  • ・Please cooperate with using the tray when giving and receiving money and/or cards at the time of payment.

We will check the body temperature of visitors at the entrance gate or at each facility reception.

  • ・Please note that we will refuse your entry if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher.
  • ・Please refrain from visiting the venue if you are not feeling well, such as coughing, tiredness (malaise), or difficul.e-listty in breathing (dyspnea).
  • ・We kindly ask you to refrain from visiting if you have a close contact with a person who has a positive response to the novel coronavirus, if you have a person nearby who may have an infection, or if you are within 14 days of returning from abroad.

Alcohol disinfectant is installed at each facility.

  • ・Please use this to disinfect your hands and fingers and wash and gargle frequently.
  • ・We kindly ask that you disinfect your hands and fingers with alcohol when entering the venue.
  • ・We will clean and disinfect places that the visitors touch such as the seats and railings of the rides, and tables.

In order to avoid crowding, we will make a space between persons wider than usual in the queue etc.

  • ・We will partially change the operation method such as conducting explanations before getting on the attraction outdoor and changing the passenger capacity.
  • ・Events in the park are subject to cancellation or partial changes in some contents.

We may restrict admission to each facility to prevent crowding and airtight conditions.

  • ・Operations may be temporarily suspended due to ventilation in the facility.
  • ・We will reduce the number of tables and chairs and install them at intervals.

If you feel unwell or get sick, please speak to a staff member near you.

Measures for each facility and request to visitors

  • Motopia
    • ・The operating hours of some attractions are subject to change. In addition, the operation of some attractions will be temporarily suspended during business hours due to disinfection.
      >> Please check the Ride Information page.
    • ・The use of "Putti coins" will be stopped.
    • ・Meal menus at fast food restaurants will be served from 11:00 onwards.
  • International Racing Course
    • ・Entry to the paddock will be restricted to race participants at the time of holding participatory races.
    • ・For the time being, "SUZUKA-ZE" will be open from 10:00 to 14:00 (last orders at 13:30).
  • Suzuka Circuit Hotel
    • ・The check-in time will be changed as follows to clean and disinfect the guest rooms and public spaces.
      [Before change] 14: 00- [After change] 15: 00-
    • ・We kindly ask only the representative to come to the reception desk for the check-in to ease crowding. We kindly ask for your cooperation to wait temporarily in the car at the time of crowding.
    • ・Before check-in, we will check the body temperature, check your physical condition, and check your overseas travel history.
    • ・Loop bus service is available only from 7:00 to 11:00 and from 15:00 to 22:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
    • ・"Welcome drink (drink service)", which is a special benefit of "THE MAIN Executive Twin", will not be offered for the time being.
    • ・When using the restaurant (S-PLAZA)
      ①Please wear a mask when you leave your seat during meals.
      Also, please wear a mask when helping yourself to the food in the food lane or when going to the bathroom.
      ②Please cooperate with body temperature measurement and hand washing when entering the restaurant
      ③We may restrict entry depending on the congestion situation.
      ④The selection of food may change depending on the purchase situation.
    • ・the natural buffet "Sora Tabeyo"
      Lunch will be closed for the time being.
    • ・The organic cafe "Sunpo" and children's space will not be open.

*We may refuse your entrance if you do not cooperate with the infection prevention measures.

*Please note that some other services and/or item lineups may be changed.

*Regarding the above contents, we will update the contents according to future social conditions.

■Facilities that suspend business


・The organic cafe "Sunpo"
・children's space

As of 2020 October 22 (Thu.) 16:30