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Natural buffet - SORA · TABEYO

Buffet restaurant with over 60 dishes selection of different seasonal food. Chefs use 3 kinds of cook ways (Japanese, Western, Chinese ) let you taste the variation of the ingredients. Many choices with reasonable prices there is great place to take your family.

  • Provide food at the Open kitchen

  • Every morning fresh vegetables are delivered from the local farm of Suzuka.

  • Kinds of meat dishes for meat lovers

  • Fresh squeezed vegetables and fruits juices (Breakfast only)

  • Kids corner set up for children

  • Weaning food provided for little babies (Free)

Natural buffet restaurant SORA・ TABEYO offers a variety of summer delicious dishes during the Suzuka 10H race period. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Mie Prefecture. Enjoy the nutritious dishes, with full of energy to watch the race.

【8/24(Sat), 8/25(Sun) Special Lunch and Dinner】

Lunch-Kuroge wagyu Sushi!(1 person 1 dish)
Dinner-Kuroge wagyu Sushi(1 person 1 dish )+ Braised Ise Umai Pork!
Recreating meat dishes of all over the world at here.Carnivores can not miss this special offer!
Eating the hearty meat dishes while enjoy the exciting 10H race through the TV live at the restaurant Sora ・tabeyo.

World meat dishes Fair Signature Menu

  • Japanese

    【Japanese Beef Sushi】 was very popular dish at the meats dishes fair last year. It will be upgraded to 【Kuroge wagyu Sushi】 this year. To ensure fresh taste Japanese chef are stand by at the open kitchen. Seared Kuroge wayu on the sweet and sour vinegar rice. Entrance is chemical, fat but not greasy!

    Use Ise umai pork belly with perfect balance of fat and meat for this dish. Aromatic spices get rid of the meat smell and sugar soft the fat into the gelatinous melt easily in the mouth through the long braising process.. It’s a time-consuming dish.

  • Western

    Roasted chicken with rosemary, thyme, oregano, fragrant leaves and Italian mineral salts. Mineral salts fully extract the sweetness of chicken. Pleasant herbal aroma, a dish for relaxing and pleasure.

    Not only the United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany’s sausages but also other countries in the world’s representative grilled sausages are prepared for you here. Taste the different characteristic of different nations. Flavor, aromas and tastes are all deserve to expecting.

  • Chinese

    Authentic Chinese sweet and sour pork. Italian whey pork marinated in Chinese spices and dressed with Chinese black vinegar. It is a dish both good for health and beauty.

    A dish developed by Sora・tabeyo’s Sichuan chef. High heat to quick stir-fried the ingredients with ripe broad bean paste and black vinegar. A dish not only has pungent but also affords a lingering after-taste.

Introduction of "Race Monitor"! Don't miss the great battles during meals.

Live broadcast of circuit giant monitor footage and on-site commentaries. It is wasteful to miss the ever-changing race during your meal!
Sora Tabeyo has introduced a race monitor only from 24th (Sat.) and 25th August (Sun.) in order for you to enjoy food in a relaxing and cool environment.

Recommended Menu

  • Japanese chef hand made Sushi

    Fresh ingredients for Sushi are all from Ise bay. All the Sushi are made at the open kitchen. Chefs will accord your taste and preference to make it for you.

  • Seasonal vegetables stew

    Japanese style soup base with fresh seasonal vegetables stew, not only preserves the nutrition of the vegetables but also increases sweetness of vegetables. It is a very popular dish with women customers.

  • Pastry's sweets corner

    All the sweets are made by our pastry. 10 kinds of cakes are provided at here. From the glass window of the counter you can see how the pastry make cakes.

Restaurant Information

Bussiness Hour


* last order 30 minutes before the closed time (Breakfast , Lunch)




* Present prices are tax included prices.
* Reservation is not necessary, but we recommend you make a reservation.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dinner
(on season)
Adult (13 years old or above) JPY 1,730 - JPY 1,950 - JPY 3,030 - JPY 3,560 -
Child (7 - 12 years old) JPY 1,300 - JPY 1,410 - JPY 1,950 - JPY 2,380 -
Infant (3 - 6 years old) JPY 650 - JPY 650 - JPY 650 - JPY 650 -

Credit cards

MUFG CARD , UFJ NICOS , Honda C-card , VISA , MASTER , JCB , DC , UC , Diners Club , AMEX , CF Card , UnionPay


Children’s chairs are available , Entry with stroller accepted , Menu for children is available , All seats are non-smoking

Recommended Accommodation Plan