Adven Rich Soft Ice Cream / Adventure Crepe

  1. Adven Rich Soft Ice Cream , Adventure Crepe
  2. aaa

    Chocolate Special JPY 550 Typical crepe is this one! Please enjoy the best combination of chocolate and banana!

  3. aaa

    Rich and Creamy Vanilla Soft Ice Cream JPY 350 Rich and creamy soft ice cream using milk from Hokkaido is perfect for walking around while eating.

  4. aaa

    Ice Cream on the Tropical Jelly JPY 500 Colorful float of the tropical jelly with ice cream on top. We are confident in the taste, too!

Oasis in Adventure Village
It is a shop with the line of menus such as soft ice cream, float, crepe, drinks and ice cream that you would like to eat when you're tired.

Location Adventure Village in Motopia
Business days Sat., Sun., Holidays, during spring vacation, summer vacation and winter vacation *Days closed and business hours are subject to change season to season.