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comming 2020 03 01 debut

GPracers First in Japan!* Real Riding Coaster

First* motorcycle-style coaster attraction in Japan is here!

GP RACERS is a motorcycle-type roller coaster where you can experience the full-fledged racing motorcycles riding such as speed, gravity, and cornering experienced by top riders in the race.
* Based on our research

Motopia passport accepted!

Get on a cool machine!

Tandem (two-seater) type racing motorcycles colored in six colors such as FIRE RED and PRESIOUS BLUE.

The front and rear protectors on the seat will wrap you up firmly and invite you to the world of motorsport!

Challenge the bank (inclination) just like a motorcycle race!

The trick for racing motorcycles to turn corners faster is the "bank" where you tilt the machine!
GP RACERS enables a "fast" and "sharp" angled cornering experience like a real rider does on a technical course with tight corners!

Jump out on to an international racing course!

The racing field is a special track designed right next to the international racing course that hosts the F1 Japanese Grand Prix and the Suzuka 8 Hours!
Feel the power as if you were jumping out on to the track!

Don’t miss the photo spot!

You can take a photo on the machine on the first floor of the station!
Also note the Gekikan area where you can cheer for the riders up close.


Price 800 JPY/ 1 person
* Amusement park Motopia passport is accepted.
Capacity 2 persons
Access Control 120cm or taller in height
* For safety reasons, all hand luggage, items on your neck and items in your pockets must be stored in the luggage area next to the platform before boarding.
Ride time About 90 seconds
Track length About 440m
Maximum bank angle (Inclination) 48 degrees
Maximum speed About 50km / h

kart attacker Step-up Kart Attractions

A making-your-way-up karting attraction where you can challenge and improve with parents and children now available!

KART ATTACKER is a "racing kart attraction" where you can try your first kart with parents and children and friends, and challenge and improve together for the fastest time.

Motopia passport accepted!

Here are two stages you can try!

debut stage
The challenge to KART ATTACKER starts from the “Debut Stage”.
Take a briefing before boarding and learn the rules.
Try it while receiving the follow-up of staff and dad and mom, such as wearing helmets and gloves.
Parents and children work together to refine their technique and aim to clear the reference time!
attack stage
Drivers who have cleared the reference time in the debut stage can try the "attack stage".
Try a time attack by driving a machine with a maximum speed of 35km / h, 10km / h faster than the one in the debut stage. Brush up your driving techniques and aim for your best time!

Reference time

If you get a B license in the Debut Stage, you can move up to the Attack Stage!

Debut Stage
C license 0:36:999
B license 0:33:999
Attack Stage
A license 0:26:999
S license 0:24:999

This is the machine you will operate!

Operate the machine at a maximum speed of about 25 km/h in the Debut Stage and the one at a maximum speed of 35 km/h in the Attack Stage to aim for your best lap time!
Get on your partner machine and grab the steering wheel, and it's the beginning of your new challenge.

Operate the machine in the best position!

You can adjust the positions of the steering wheel and pedals to suit your driving position!

Use of intercoms will be temporarily suspended as part of the measures to prevent infection and spreading.

Make full use of the "intercom"!

An intercom that allows you to talk with your dad or mom who is trying for the time trial with you!
It is possible to give advice while driving through the intercom developed exclusively for this KART ATTACKER.
Make use of it to improve your driving skills.
* The intercom costs 300 yen per person per rental separately.
* A free trial pair ticket of the "intercom" will be given away if you create your license card with a face photo (fee: 300 yen)!

Cooperation: MIDLAND JAPAN

Cheer for your family!

A space on the second floor of the reception where you can relax is now available.
You can check who is driving in what ranking on the monitor.


Price 1,000 JPY/ 1 person
* Amusement park Motopia passport is accepted.
Capacity 1 person
Access Control Elementary school 3rd grade and older + 130cm tall or taller
*You need to clear the reference time to try the attack stage.
Number of machines 16
Track length About 390m
Maximum speed DEBUT STAGE   25km / h
ATTACK STAGE   35km / h

How to Use

First of all, please receive a numbered ticket at the reception desk of "Kart Attacker" and come to the site again by the designated time of the numbered ticket.
* Numbered tickets may not be distributed depending on the situation.

Numbered Ticket Distribution Time During Motopia business hours (distribution will end as soon as it is gone)
Conditions to get a Numbered Ticket Those who meet the conditions for using Kart Attacker and have a Motopia passport or vehicle ticket of 1,000 yen

* You need to clear the reference time to try for the Attack Stage.