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The popular action game "Dynasty Warriors 9" and Suzuka 8 Hours go into collaboration!

The popular action game "Dynasty Warriors 9" and Suzuka 8 Hours go into collaboration!
Popular warlords will appear in the game as characters who are fans of domestic manufacturers actively participating in Suzuka 8 Hours! They will appear in various PR activities such as event on the day and SNS planning, and boom up the fighting spirit of the manufacturers & Suzuka 8 Hours!
"Dynasty Warriors 9" introduction
The latest title of the popular game "Dynasty Warriors" series that created the genre of Musou action.
The game expresses the mainland of China as a large map, and adopt the "Open World", the first in the series, to change play development in various ways.
Manipulate a total of over 90 warlords who appear in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", you can experience the world of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" woven by mighty warrior's refreshing action & military commanders.
»"Dynasty Warriors 9" official site (
Collaboration 1.
The characters who are fans of domestic manufacturers are decided!


Cáo Pī (Zihuán)
As the son of Cao Cao, the King of Wei, he was destined to inherit his father's ambition. He has the capability and the potential to unify the next generation, and skilled in calmly evaluating any situation and responding appropriately.
Zhenji is known to have skin as smooth as a gem and a face as lovely as a flower. Although she has a passion for music and song, she is often difficult to approach due to her cold, distant personality and her majestic and dignified mannerism.


Lù Xùn (Bóyán)
A self-effacing general who acts thoughtfully and always conducts himself with sincerity.
He encapsulates both the liveliness of youth and the wisdom of resourcefulness.
Sun Shangxiang
Bright, vivacious and a sore loser. With her high skills in martial arts, she eagerly takes to the battlefield and consistently proves that she is as good as or better than the men around her. She earned the nickname "Princess of the Bow" due to her beauty and her proficiency with a bow.


Zhào Yún (Zilóng)
A sincere young warrior with great loyalty. His character is calm, but in the battlefield, he shows a fighting spirit so strong that he dares to swing his sword on a horse alone against a large army.
Guan Yinping
She shows great talent on the battlefield after originally learning martial arts for self-defense. Although she possesses enviable strength, she herself is oblivious to the fact.


Zhōng Huì (Shìjì)
A general who has become famous in his exceptional youth.
He is brilliant and actively commits himself to fight.
Wang Yuanji
As she showed both intelligence and courage from a young age, people around her sighed saying "had she been born as a man". Although extremely polite and kind even to those weaker than her, she openly spoke her mind to those she considered family.
Collaboration 2.
Collaboration bike of "Dynasty Warriors 9" comes up to stage!
A unique original bike in the world that has been wrapped with "Dynasty Warriors 9" has appeared among the racing bikes from the domestic bike manufacturers!
Design: Phoenix
Honda CBR250RR
Honda CBR250RR
Design: Tiger
Design: Dragon
Design: Chinese unicorn
Collaboration 3.
"Dynasty Warriors 9" ✕ Suzuka 8 Hours collaboration CM!
"Dynasty Warriors 9" and Suzuka 8 Hours, together conquering the battle from among a large group, are aiming at being the top Collaboration CM that mixes hot fight is completed!
Pay attention and watch!!

We will continue to update the collaboration content of "Dynasty Warriors 9" and Suzuka 8 Hours from now on, so please stay tuned.

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