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Panorama Terrace

Panorama Terrace

Located in uppermost level of the Grand Stand. Giant screen is available in front of you. This terrace is family-friendly.
*bringing in food and beverages are allowed.


  • JPY 26,000 *Valid for Two(2) days / 1 compartment
    Maximum capacity: Six (6) people (Age3+)
    *General Admission ticket needed


  • › Entry to Grid Walk (SUPER FORMULA on Sunday)
  • › Entry to Pit Walk
  • › Car Parking Space *for those who wish to have one


  • › There are only limited number of tickets.
  • › Bringing in stepladder and umbrellas are not allowed in Pit Walk.
  • › Grid and Pit Walk may be change or cancelled without any prior notice.
  • › Kids under age 12 and under are not allowed to enter the Pit Walk by themselves.
  • › Kids under age 3 and strollers are not allowed to enter the Grid Walk.
  • › If you need a car pass, purchase the ticket that comes along with the parking ticket. Note that parking space is located near the Grand Stand, not in the amusement park area.

* Kindly note that our products and services offered are subject to change without advance notice.
* All the prices are listed in the tax-inclusive rate.
* Pictures and drawings used here are just an example.