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Suzuka 10 Hours Endurance Race

In 2018, the world's GT3 cars will come to Suzuka. Don’t miss a new festive summer race event with a total prize purse of 100 million yen

Inheriting the tradition of the Suzuka 1000km, which has brought us many dramas over the years, the 47th Summer Endurance “Suzuka 10 Hours Race” will start in 2018 at Suzuka Circuit. This will be a 10-hour race, the longest in Japan, in which the FIA GT3 regulation cars based on production super sports cars that compete today in many countries around the world and the JAF-GT cars can participate.

Will such amazing machines as these come to Suzuka!?
The World’s GT3 cars:

Ferrari 488 GT3©Blancpain GT Series

Ferrari 488 GT3

A machine featuring excellent cornering performance with high-tech components derived from F1. It has a good total balance and many private teams are racing with this car.



The classy German brand’s GT3 car, featuring a compact and powerful engine to give agile cornering performance rather than top speed on the straight in spite of its big size.

Mercedes AMG GT3©Blancpain GT Series

Mercedes AMG GT3

Having improved on the weak points of the previous model, the AMG GT3 has excellent overall balance. Many customer teams are competing with this car.

Porsche 911 GT3 R©Porsche

Porsche 911 GT3 R

The latest of the prestigious Porsche models. It features great traction generated with rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and has a good top speed on the straight as well. The 911 GT3R displays formidable performance at Suzuka Circuit.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3©Blancpain GT Series

Lamborghini Huracan GT3

A prestigious Italian car that many teams are competing with. As the road model of the Huracan shares major components with Audi R8, the racing version of both cars have many similar parts.

Audi R8 LMS©Blancpain GT Series

Audi R8 LMS

One of the best-selling GT3 cars in the world and one that stands as a benchmark of the category. The R8 LMS features incredible cornering speed and is a very strong car when the conditions fit it well.

Bentley Continental GT3©Blancpain GT Series

Bentley Continental GT3

Based on the luxury model, the Continental GT3 is modified greatly to give top class performance as a GT3 car. Though a long time has passed since its debut, the performance of the car is still there.

McLaren 650S GT3©Blancpain GT Series

McLaren 650S GT3

This is a super sports car developed with full use of McLaren’s F1 technologies.
The weak points of the previous generation model have been solved and features characteristics added to produce good drivability for Gentleman drivers.

Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3©Nissan


Japan’s first FIA GT3-spec car released in 2012, it took the championship of the Blancpain GT, the pinnacle of GT3 racing in Europe in 2015. A new model will make its debut in 2018.

Lexus RC F GT3©Ryuji Hirano

Lexus RC F GT3

After years in development in Japan, the RC F GT3 made its formal debut in 2017. It started to win races one after another, including SUPER GT series races known for their fierce competition.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3©Blancpain GT Series

Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3

This British GT racing car has speed still in the top level despite the fact that its basic design is quite outdated. The powerful look of the bodywork that holds the V12 engine in the front is still impressive.

Acura NSX GT3©Honda

Acura NSX GT3

Developed based on the much talked about NSX, this GT3 car is being developed mainly in the US and competed only there in the 2017 season. Will it come over to Suzuka ...!?

The “best in the world” to be decided at Suzuka
World GT3 car races:

Blancpain GT

Blancpain GT

The pinnacle of FIA GT3 car racing in Europe, the Blancpain GT consists of two series, sprint and endurance. Both gather many participants, especially the endurance series, which attracts over 50 cars for each race.



The pinnacle of GT car racing in Japan, this is a series where GT3 cars compete in the GT300 class. The competition is on an extremely high level in a particular environment, with professional drivers and the tire manufacturers competing hard to win. It draws the attention of European manufacturers as well.

Blancpain GT Series Asia

Blancpain GT Series Asia

Starting from the 2017 season, this new series gathered a lot of Asian Gentleman drivers and European professional drivers. The variety of vehicle types is also abundant and the level of competitions are very high.



This sports car race series features traditional race events like the Daytona 24 Hours and boasts great popularity in North America. The series has various categories, with FIA GT3 cars competing in the GTD class. Many teams are competing in this category.

Super Taikyu

Super Taikyu

Super Taikyu (literally, ' super endurance') is a popular Japanese endurance race series. Its regulations are set so that amateurs can participate easily. The FIA GT3-spec cars run in the ST-X class of the series, and the battles to win the races are always fierce.

Pirelli World Challenge©Acura

Pirelli World Challenge

This is a GT and touring car race series held in North America. This series has various categories including mainly GT3 cars. Only the tires supplied by Pirelli can be used as the name of the series suggests.

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